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I could have made you mine
{{Best Friend / Rex Orange County}}






Father Morgan Parker
- Beaufort's local priest
- To say that Jude's relationship with her father was strained would be an understatement. Heavily religious, Morgan Parker will never truly accept Jude's bisexual orientation and he is constantly scouting the church for eligible bachelors for her wayward daughter. He thinks he's hit the jackpot with Steve Lincoln - if only he could get Steve and Jude to actually talk to one another. Regardless of this strain, the father and daughter do truly love one another. Morgan loves Jude's writing - when it is PG 13 of course - and is secretly proud of her for going to university. But now, with his developing cancer, Morgan just wants her to settle down in Beaufort for good.
- Strong moral compass, direct, charitable, family man, sometimes confuses being a father with being a priest, strict but kind.
{Stellan Skarsgard}

Maggie Parker
- Used to run the antique boutique - has passed it down to Kennedy but still helps out when she's not busy with charity work.
- Maggie's relationship with Jude is far less difficult than Morgan's. Although Jude sort of resents her mother for siding with her father when she knew that Maggie doesn't really disapprove of her orientation, Jude and her mother are far too alike to let any bad feelings linger. Maggie is so happy to have Jude home - she only wished it were under better circumstances.
- Kind, loving, empathetic, a good listener, not as religious as she lets on, quiet, only wants the best for her children.
{Marion Cotillard}

Kennedy Marks [23]
- Jude's little sister.
- Runs the local antiques boutique, which is more or less a family business. Apart from that, her kids are probably the only other thing she fills her time with. Never got to attend uni, had to marry young to please her parents.
- Her husband (Logan Marks) works at the local bank and is known to be very intimate with his fellow female workers, and Kennedy is very updated about that. If it weren't for the kids, she would have been long gone.
- Perfect manners, sly, unhappy, a great mother, loyal, jealous of Jude's freedom.
- Her two children are twins, 2 years old, Rosie and Grayson.
{Natalie Dormer}

Agnes Moi [24]
Current Location: New York City
- New Yorker born and bred. DJ at some underground house/techno/grime club.
- Loves magic tricks, green tea, and comics. 
- Agnes & Jude met in the bookstore closest to their apartments.
- Confident, no bullsh/t kinda girl. Always pushing Jude outside of her comfort zone. Total trouble-maker and protest enthusiast.
{Tiana Tolstoi}


Rickenbrode "Brodie" Larsson [25]
Current Location: Beaufort
{Austin Butler}

Steve Lincoln [27]
Current Location: Beaufort
- NGO leader primarily focused on civil rights and protecting Beaumont's environment from bad governmental decisions.
- Has been crushing on Jude since the beginning of time but nothing has ever happened apart from the few drunken teenage conversations about the end of the world (and such) and awkward but friendly sober conversations at dinner parties.
- Steve was also best friends with Brodie Larsson (Jude's closest friend in her youth) but a fight (seemingly about Steve's feelings for Jude) separated them.
- He's the guy your mother has always dreamt of you dating, especially since he's known as THE bachelor: kind, polite, intelligent, confident with his work relations, not so much with his social relations.
{Adam Driver}

Milo Ford [26]
Current Location: New York City
- Graphic designer: coffee cup sleeves, skateboard decks, and cartoons.
- He and Jude met at Yale. They struck up an easy going and flirty friendship and have dabbled in friends-with-benefits. When they graduated, they initially moved in together in New York but things got complicated. The boundary between friendship and relationship became increasingly more difficult to maintain. One night they'd be cooking dinner together and sleeping together, the next Milo would be bringing home a girl he picked up at a club.
- Jude isn't a territorial person but it all became a little too complicated for her liking. Thankfully her moving out excuse came from an offer of employment in Boston. The two still keep in touch and sleep together whenever they're in the same town.
- Milo is flirty, flighty, unfocused, a joker, welcoming, caring.
- Jude's best friend, Agnes, can't stand him.
{Julian Morris}


Lilia Franklin [23]
Current Location: Paris, France
- A ballet dancer, Princeton University graduate. Her parents are in banking and have big, big plans for their daughter.
- Lilia and Jude met at a ballet show. They went for dinner a few times but Lilia's parents disapproved of her orientation and of Jude's "free-lance" lifestyle so nothing much else happened. Lilia later sent a letter to Jude, telling her that she had had a huge fight with her parents and had moved to Paris to pursue a career in ballet. She asked Jude to come and join her but Jude couldn't let go of her career.
- Gentle, kind-hearted, easily manipulated, graceful, intelligent.
{Anais Pouliot}

Francine "Bunny" Darby [27]
Current Location: West Palm Beach, Florida
- Born in San Francisco. Traveller who jumps jobs - usually ones involving smoothie making. Saving money to travel to Machu Picchu.
- Jude & Bunny met in Boston. Bunny was selling smoothies and invited Jude out with her and her friends to a festival. After a wild weekend, Jude was very much infatuated with Bunny's 'free spirit'. Bunny was the first girl Jude actually slept with and she was left feeling pretty empty when Bunny skipped town two weeks later.
- Sun lover, life lover, sporadic, impulsive, loud, spontaneous, easy-going, spiritual.
{Mica Arganaraz}
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{ this group is in some parts inspired by the whole coming-back-to-hometown type of roleplays. created by @at0mic-soul on jan 30th 2017 ]
Beaufort, South Carolina. Damn, even the name itself brings back so many things.
It's their hometown. This is where they were born, where they went to school and had their first dates, their first loves and their first heartbreaks, this is where they got their driver's licenses and where they chewed bubblegum on the school's front steps. This is where they were the town's kids, where they all knew each other, this is the place that gave them their first memories. It's tiny, but it's home.
Most of them would have never thought life would take them this far from home. Beaufort has either wronged them, or they followed their ambition to go to that prestigious university, or it was simply time to move on - one thing's straight: Beaufort's children flew out of the nest one day and into the big tough world, without planning on returning too soon.
Until they did come back. They all have their reasons, as dark and twisted or as painful and heartbreaking as they may be, and they're now finding their ways back home to figure out life. Beaufort's still the same, they're the ones who've changed - and, to their utter shock, it seems like everybody's back home simultaneously, as if this town had something to tell them.
What happens when childhood friends, foes and lovers reunite? They've all got their lives going on outside this little town they were born in, but will that count?
+ this is a high-fashion roleplay, so the usual rules apply
+ this is a story-based roleplay. that being said, if you prefer comment-based groups, this might not suit you.
+ tag everybody in your sets and plot with all the members - remember, all the characters know each other one way or another, and besides, it's really rude to roleplay only with some of the members
+ this is supposed to be a very chill roleplay, so you won't be pressed to write every single day. but please let's make a MINIMUM of three stories/month.
+ drama inside the roleplay is fun. drama outside the group is by no means cool.
+ no godmodding. your characters should interact with each other and if you want to include someone else's character in your story, make sure you contact them beforehand c:
+ if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me
+ have fun!
CHARACTER LIST: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=6291616
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✨NAME, AGE (at least 23)
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