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hai babi. 

for a while now ive been thinking about making a backup account for tips, art, more collage pictures and all that good stuff. i would name it @forever21-xoxo just so that it would be easy to find meeh. 

i think you guys have gotten the jist of how my account works. it goes from fashion set to icon/wallpaper to collage but i wanna do more! I wanna have a tip account other than my own @nandostips but one for just my tips, and i also want to do more art sets. 

like i can do them on here, but i dont know if it would be better to have a separate account or do them all on here. it would kind of mess up the "flow of this account" 

commemt #muaahhh if you read all of this and i would love to know your thoughts on this too *-* thank you if you read this..loll im probably talking to myself! xD but thats ok!

bai babi. 
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