I keep making sets saying they're going to be tryouts and not finishing them. Hey guess what....

❧ Opal Francesca Rion {sixteen}
model; Esti Ginzburg
likes; choose at least four - try to go beyond obvious

dislikes; choose at least four - try to go beyond obvious

style; you choose - things like colors, necklines, etc that fit with character personality

Opal was born in New York City to an affluent family, but their standings were fairly low and their influence very slim. Her parents own run a business that's been part of the family for generations, and Opal {or more to say, Opal's future husband} is expected to take it over one day. It's successful, but nothing overly popular. There has been a high rise in interest lately, and this is leaving the Rion family with more money than ever. Before this recent success, they could hardly be called poor. It didn't never meant that they didn't throw some of the most lavish balls and dinner parties. It was just that they saved money elsewhere. Unlike most of the other wealthy families, only Mr. Rion had a personal servant. Besides her, two worked around the house and one on the grounds and stable. This left Opal on her own for getting dressed and ready, unless she couldn't do it on her own. And with age, Opal's independence only grew steadily higher. Unlike her dear friend Lark, she uses her independence to remain smart and informed, not rebellious and rash. She's a sweet girl who just does what she's told. People find her absolutely lovely , but the tabloids pay no attention to her, unless she's with her best friend. Lark and Opal are two completely different people. Lark just wants to have fun and not give a care about anything social, and Opal does exactly what she's told and stays exactly where she is. Opal is like Lark's conscience, telling her when she just needs to be more mature about something, or when she might get bad press for doing something. Of course, Lark gets along with Opal because she doesn't really care about social status either. She just goes about it differently. Opal seems like she has no ambitions. She doesn't want to become extremely rich, she doesn't want to become extremely social, what else is there to do? She wouldn't dare tell anyone because she knows it's far fetched, but she's extremely musical. She can play piano and the violin very well, but she only does so at home. And her voice? It's like the gliding on the wings of an angel. Despite such talents, her plans are to just get married to a man who could run the family business and become a stay at home mom, just like everyone else. She just wants to be normal and average. But if the extra push were to come along, there's no telling what she could be capable of.

Doop doop. 

I can't believe it's been a week. There's a lot of me that's over it already, because I'd prepared myself for this for a while before, but I still get sad when I remember I can't kiss his face any more.

But anyhow.
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