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LALA. SO. Basically, I started a new tumblr, and y'all should all go and check it out. If you leave your link down here in the comments section, I'll be perusing your blogs. Here it is: icedteaintheafternoon.tumblr.com

Did that make any sense up there? Also, I'm reading Into the Wild right now. He's a pretentious butthead. But I'm inspired by the way that he followed his heart, and the way he treated people that society usually looks down on. I feel like this is the typical reaction to the book.


There were only a few people browsing throughout the store when I arrived with the traditional Friday morning coffee requests. I padded across the dark wooden floors towards Frankie, who was beaming at the sight of free coffee. 

As I walked past a cluster of teenagers in prep school uniforms, one girl’s voice floated above their giggles and mummers, “Oh my God, what is she wearing? How is that even remotely high fashion? It looks like she was dropped into Manhattan from Aladdin or something.”

I stopped abruptly, with my back turned to the girls, counting to 5. I knew that I could have easily knocked that girl unconscious... forever if I wanted to, but that would be quite messy and would probably involve me spilling the precious caffeine. 

“Oooooh. Is Princess Jasmine hurt?” Cooed the same girl, having been egged on by her clones’ petty giggles.

Before I could react, someone had taken the coffee tray out of my hands and was speaking icily, “Girls, we don’t need your business here, and if you’re going to insult one of the employees you’d best get out right now.”

The girl, slightly taken aback by Madeline’s presence stammered, “I.. I didn’t know she worked here.”

“Well she does.” Madeline replied, intimidating in her well-cut dress and 5-inch stilettos. 

After a bit of stammering, the girl regained footing and had enough false confidence or hope or dignity, whatever it was to come back, “We were actually looking for our friend who works here, does the name Cornelia ring a bell?”

Her tone was sickly sweet, yet condescending, my blood was boiling over, but I couldn’t bring myself to say anything.

“B*tch, get out of here before I call the police for harassment!” Yelled Frankie from the back of the room, “Now, where’s my coffee?”

I made my way into the garage that was a well-known hang-out for gang members. As I walked into the greasy joint, cat-calls were made, only to be hushed by, “Shut up, dawg, don’t you know that’s Gigi?”

I smiled shyly and waved at my old friends, all of them had once been like brothers to me and would still do anything for me. My eyes scanned the room and zoomed in on the one person I was looking for. 

Marcus had the sculpted body and the easy-going smile to make ANY girl, rich or poor, melt. 
When I was younger, I had the most embarrassing crush on him which had me following him around like a puppy. What was worse was that he saw me as only the sweet girl upstairs whose mama took him in when his Pop was feeling violent. Fortunately, my feelings had died for him with my mother. He became the leader of the local gang, and I found Red; and even though we had our differences, he was one of the only people I could trust. The feeling was to be mutual.. until tonight.

I made my way towards the Foosball table where he was trash-talking Milo and Jimmy over an intense game. When my presence was made known to him, he immediately left the game, and embraced me in a big bear hug. 

“Now, how’s the little miss doin’? Haven’t seen you ‘round these parts in awhile,” he swung his arm around my shoulder and guided me towards the back room.

When we were out of earshot of the rest of the garage, he spoke urgently, “Why are you back?”

“Geez,” I scoffed playfully, “I can’t come around and say hi to y’all?”

He smiled, “Now you know you’re always welcome at the Garage, but I told you a long time ago to go and never come back. You’re not like the rest of us, G, you’re smart and beautiful, and I don’t want you to be stuck in this rut with the rest of us.”

I nodded sadly, knowing that Marcus was only stating the truth, “I actually do need something..”

“What is it? Money? A job? I can get you those things.” 

“No, Marky, I need to know about a shipment of weapons coming to town on Thursday.” I replied gently, hoping that if I spoke softer, he wouldn’t be as alarmed.

The always unruffleable Marcus grinned, “I can’t tell you that, honey.”

I sighed deeply, knowing that what I was about to do would hurt our relationship. Reluctantly, I drew the cold, sleek gun out of my tote bag, and pointed it dead ahead at my closest confidante. 
“Tell me when and where the shipment is going,” I said cooly, taking care that my voice did not waver.

A trace of a smile still twitched at the corners of Marcus’ mouth, he shook his head disbelievingly, as if expecting my gun to be a cigarette lighter, and for this to be an elaborate prank. When I didn’t back down, he sighed sadly, “10:00, Cabrini.”

After a moment’s pause, he continued, all the snap and life seemingly sucked out of him, “What happened to you, Gigi?”

Hesitantly I stepped forward, slipping the distasteful weapon back into my bag, and slowly wrapped my arms around his waist, murmuring softly, trying to convince myself, “I’m still here. It’s still me.”

love, isay

p.s. listen to the song!
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