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`alive` - bastille

hey everyone

♡ this set is looking a little weird and bare, it's missing something and meh idk it just seems like it's lacking 'panache' or something

♡ today's been a rather boring yet productive day. I managed to complete my english essay - which is like 5OO words over the limit but whatever, she told me to add to it so i did, aha. then after that i managed to do quite a bit of my presentation on a 'global community'. I then had lunch, listened to music and did some maths homework, ugh. i also finally finished insurgent and i'm gonna start allegiant some time this week. woop

♡ i also got yet another top set today, i seriously love getting them but now it's tiring because i see so many beautiful sets and loads of lovely people who've never had one, yet i have way too many than i need. i'm grateful, yes, thank you so much, but really i wish someone who deserved it more got it instead 

♡ i'm currently listening to all this bad blood cd by bastille, it's sick as fck okay. they're like one of my fave bands along with one d, the 1975 and the vamps,and others ughh perff

stay rad ♡
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