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`she looks so perfect` - 5 seconds of summer ♡

hey everyone,

♡ look at this weird brown / black / grey jumble of bleurghh. meh, sorry this is sucky. 

the amazing outfit inspired by something lauren // @theinfinitewallflower // would wear, love you laurr.

♡ i'm severely procrastinating my welsh rn because i have to learn 15 paragraphs [some of which are a page long ] for my welsh exam on tuesday and i really can't do it, merp. help. 

♡ okay so i finished allegiant yesterday, holy sh-t WHAT THE FRICK IS VERONICA ROTH THINKING?! i felt like throwing the book into the grand canyon then running in after it and crying. mehhhh.

♡ yesterday i went shopping with my mumma bear. i got a tartan floaty camisole tank top, some gorge semi-precious rings from topshop, a new memory jar [bc i still hadn't got around to getting one oops], some mascara and some hershey's choccie, mm. then today i've done maths homework, watched wreck it ralph [holy sh-t i absolutely love this movie] and hot fuzz. 

yeh for procrastination..

i also started the book 'wonder' by r. j. palacio, it's a bit odd but i'll letcha know what i think

- chlo♡
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