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We Got Married

Can't believe this was in my drafts! I thought I submitted this already lol. xD
Jaekyung’s POV

“She doesn’t need me? I don’t need her!” I watched as Crazy Cole rode away on that dumb horse. Now I had to still find Joon, but I was becoming impatient! Maybe he wasn’t in the park? But that wouldn’t make sense.. would it?

“Aishh.” I picked up a rock laying in the grass. I can’t even concentrate on this stupid rescue competition! All I kept thinking about was punching Nicole in the face. That rotten BRAT!

“ACK!” Someone yelled from the bushes. “Did someone just throw a rock at me?!?”


“Joon? Is that you?” I quickly ran towards the bushes.
“Yeah.” He said rubbing the top of his head. “Is this yours?” He showed me the rock in his hand.
“Um.. no...”
“Ya. I hope you never try acting because you’re really bad at it!” Joon quickly noticed the cameraman beside me. “D-did you film what she did?! She tried to kill me with this rock! Wait until Rain hyung and A+ hear about this!”
“Ya. Will you ever stop talking!?” I snatched the rock from his hand and threw it on the ground. “I’m sorry, okay?”
“Sorry?? Uwa. Was that an apology??”
“Yes! Now shut up and follow me!” I reached for Joon’s hand and made him run with me back to the starting area.

“Omo! You’re holding my hand too!? What is going on?? Is this some kind of prank?” Was all Joon kept blabbing about when we finally made it back.

“Congrats Jaekyung and Joon!” Yoo Jae Suk exclaimed.
“What? We won?” I asked excitedly.
“No, but you are one of the first couples of your group to finish!”
“Oh..” I threw Joon’s hand away from me.
“Hey, we can still hold hands as we wait..” Joon said. I hope he was joking.
“Ya. Better be glad I don’t have a rock in my hand right now!” I threatened him.
“Ahhh...” Joon sighed. “I miss the nice Jaekyung from a few minutes ago.”
I simply responded with an icy glare.

Moments later the competition was finally over. And to no surprise our team lost. Should I even mention who I put to blame here?

“How is your head?” I suddenly asked Joon. The cheers from the other team were annoying me to the point where I needed a distraction.
“My head? Umm.. it’s fine.” Joon kept smiling like an idiot. “Why do you ask? Is it because you care about me??”

“Shut up.”
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