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Guess what I saw? Possible spoilers. Watch the movie, dammit.
But yes! Last night, for my sister's ladadida-th birthday, we saw Avatar! Not in 3-D, though (I'm not even sure they offer that on my island in Hawaii x), but it was thee best experience I've had watching a movie... in my life! ♥

As you can see, I've changed my icon. I'm tired of Twilight-related icons. |: And lookey me Avatared-out twitter!
I went to the Avatar site... it was amazing. :O

Avatar > Twilight+NewMoon.

It was a beautiful movie, and it made me love nature so much more. Probably because Pandora nature is a billion times better than Earth nature. :P

This amazing movie made me laugh, cry, dazzled me, made me want to be a Na´vi, and most importantly, made me want to kill humans SO MUCH - more than any human-hating movie I've ever seen, honestly. I just wanted to scream at the screen, just say "Hey, you're the fucking terrorists! Get off their planet, b.tch!"

I seriously, seriously want to be a Na´vi. I want to be in depth with nature, I want to connect with a bird in an intimate level. I especially want to have spots on my skin that glow in the dark, just like the nature does on the utopia that is Pandora. I want to be one with Eywa! x]

And it was great acting. The characters are really believable, and with passion and emotion. Man, I need another dose of Avatar, soon. :P And for those of you who think it looks like a stupid movie - don't judge a book by it's cover. It's not an animated movie like Toy Story. Just... just see it, man. There will be no disappointment, I swear. (x

Oh, and a little off to the side - I saw the Eclipse poster. Haha. How unexciting compared to the movie I just witnessed. :]
Type "Neytiri & Jake" if you read that! :P

♥ Pirate Joyce
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