~Two Door Cinema Club, Handshake {oh my gosh love them. Another awesome Irish band! The other being The Script of course}

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FIERCE SKIRT AND CARDIGAN/JACKET from @indressme http://indressme.com

So I'm just a /little/ obsessed with Kaya Scodelario... Gah @glitterinmyviens and I are VERY obsessed it's not even funny. She is legit one of my favorite actresses and she's super gorgeous and it's just like wow she's perfect. #wanttobeher

ATTENTION!! Fall break has technically already started after my college algebra class ended today, but anyway tomorrow morning I am leaving town for actual fall break vacation with my brother and grandparents. While I said earlier I would have my laptop since I actually have one now, my parents don't want me bringing it because they don't want me leaving in the hotel room and such. SO my grandparents are bringing their laptop, but it's not as great as mine (haha but I mean come on I'm a Mac person so obvs I'm gonna say that) and anyway the WiFi may not be great. ANYWAY I may or may not be on Poly over break. I know I haven't been on much with school lately anyway but I just wanted to let you all know, if you care. I really wanted to get the next chapter of MTW up on Saturday but it probably won't happen, especially because I don't think my grandparents' laptop has Word on it... but I will try to get it up sometime next week. I will try to be on but I can't guarantee! I get back Sunday night but then I have homework... but I will be on when I can! Miss you guys! Love you guys! Have an amazing week and weekend and/or Fall Break if you're on break too! <3 

xx Taylor
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