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[ofi-ah, where are you now?]
"I'm not so sure of my place now, but I'm still in the around the a gig"
[want to to meet?]
"mmm, it's okay then?"
[ne, are you can go to backstage now?]
"I guess not, there are still many fans who waited in front of there"
[mmmm, well I'm the on who will see you]
"mmm, if you can't, it does not matter"
[ani, I want to see you. want to meet at han river?]

already 2 hours I waited here, but he did not come. I looked at the moon which now shone with light, trying to forget the minutes that had been discarded just to wait.

suddenly a hand gently patted my shoulder.
"mianhe, it's very difficult to get out of there."
I gave my best smile, "it's okay."
then he held my hand, "let's walk for a while."
I nod my head

Along the way, none of us spoke.

I knew this would happen, me and him got the same personality. we are a couple who rarely speaks. me and him was born on the same date and month, and it makes us have a similar personality. Unfortunately, our personalities are exactly same is our shy personality.

can you imagine, when we met, no one among us who talk to each other, we never looked at each other directly. 

geez, sometimes, I would like one of us a little more brave.

"Hachhhooo" wind here makes me cold. then, he hugged me.

I nervously replied ... "n.. e.."

my great shame that pushed me to remove his arms. but, instead he held me in his arms.

"please be quiet." my body limp instantly, my mind suddenly blank. I really do not know what to do.

I'm embarrassed and pleased.

"mianhe .... I can not be someone who is always for you, even I can not make you happy. I can not like other men, i. ......" before He continued his talk I kissed his cheek. He was silent ......

"the only thing I need is you, not anyone else." I said.

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haha lately I become often write stories even though I know my writing is bad. kekekek, I was very happy when someone commented on my writing ..... it's like getting a gift! thx fellas :)
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