{Seventeen – The Girl with the Dragon Flame}
Not much went on in District 8 before Faey came along. People would go through the methodical schedules of their days – school or work, home, and back again – without any hopes of a better tomorrow. Reaping Days, when another innocent pair of children would be plucked off to their deaths, were especially terrible. But Faey had an unfamiliar spring in her step, and when she collided with Sinead, the girl with fire in her eyes, things around the textile factories were about to get shaken up. Mere days after meeting, the two were inseparable. They learned everything there was to know about each other, and in the moments where they were alone, their hopes of becoming a tribute were brought to light. They began training with each other almost immediately. It was informal and quite uncoordinated, but it helped them grow to know heights. As they aged, their skill increased…and so did their reckless nature. Pranks on different citizens became a daily game for this close pair. In their eyes, they were unstoppable. Casper, a District 8 mentor, took notice of their passion one day and offered to officially train them. He helped them make the leap from impressive to unrelentingly deadly. Finally, after being infamous in District 8 for so long, they’re going to make their names known to the entirety of Panem.

[Are you proud of your District?: Well, we make clothing. It’s a fairly important job, I get that, but I just wish we did something more kick-ass. People kind of overlook our value, both with our job and in the arena. So while I’m proud of the family and friends I have in District 8, I just wish we didn’t seem so irrelevant. Sinead and I are here to show that the outlying districts can be just as ruthless as these stupid Career kids.]

[What is your life like at home?: No one in District 8 is living the high life, and I guess you could say my family has got it off just like everyone else. We are neither high nor low on the scale. Through hard work and determination, we get food each day, well-off clothes on our backs, and the occasional free time. My two elder sisters are both married with families of their own, and my younger brother is very polite and intelligent. All three of them are beloved by the district. And then there’s me, the awkward brunette of the bunch who always manages to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sinead and I are kind of the designated troublemakers, you could say. While our fun times are innumerable, this also means we are the center of blame for things we weren’t even involved in. It’s safe to say that most people back home are glad to see us gone. But what they don’t realize is how we feel about them. Sinead and I…we just want what’s best for our home. Sometimes she’s not always the best at showing it and even I struggle at times, but through the crazy act of finding out who we are, we really want our underrated district to shine. Maybe the people haven’t always been the greatest to us, but no one deserves to starve. No one deserves to be living on the streets. By getting one of us onto the rank of winners, we could be finally giving something back to Eight. And when you’ve got nothing else to lose, there’s nothing you can’t do.]

[What significant things have happened in your life so far?: Honestly, district life is pretty boring. People get up, work, eat if they’re lucky, sleep, and do it all over again. I’ve been luckier than most in that sense, but my time doesn’t deviate from that schedule much. I was sent to work in a factory at age 7 like the rest of the children here. But instead of sitting by a boring, stuffy girl with no thoughts outside of herself or her job, I got to be next to Sinead. From the moment her big blue eyes met mine, I knew things were about to get a hell of a lot more interesting. Soon the two of us were meeting up outside of work, spending all of our free time together. And what happens when two dreaming girls have idle time on their hands? They begin to explore and plan and act on those dreams. We’ve been informally training ourselves for the Hunger Games for as long as I can remember being friends. And at twelve, we caught the eye of one of the mentors, and he began to show us what it really takes to kick some ass in the arena. Soon, we were always at work or at the empty field with Casper, with sleep and food taking last priorities with our lives. After so long of getting good, I think that it was a silent agreement that we would volunteer. And now, here we are, some of the first D8 volunteer kids ever. If you don’t keep an eye on us in the arena…well, bummer for you. You’ll be missing one of the best displays ever.]

[If you were to describe your personality in three words, what would they be?: Thoughtful, devious, and charming. I honestly think that Sinead and I make an unstoppable pair.]

[What are some facts about yourself you think the public should know?: I think I’ve covered things well enough, but honestly, I can do just about anything with a knife or dagger. Throw, stab, kill…I’m not afraid to come out on top. Sinead has taught me everything there is to know about fire, and there’s not a puzzle out there we can’t overcome. We’re plenty interesting, but if you want to see all of it, you better hold on tight and watch carefully.[;]
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