Monday, December 31: New Year's Eve at the Emerald City! Wear the color of your country with pride, there will be food and drinks to those who have pledged allegiance to the Queens.

I got all dressed up in our color and fixed my hair three times before I was sastifyed with it. I waited as patiently as I could for Tyler but my nerves were getting the best of me. By the time I heard the door bell I was a wreck.

"Wow" Tyler said smiling at me and presented me with blue roses. 

"Thank you, you look nice too" I said taking the roses and putting them in water quickly before leaving with him.

We got to the party while everyone else was already partying the new year. Tyler smiled at me again and took my hand leading me to the punch bowl.

"You really do look beautiful" he said softly.

I blushed"Thank you..again Tyler thankyou also for inviting me tonight. Most of the time I come with my family.

"Would you like to dance?"He asked suddenly as the music played in the background.

I nodded and took his hand again as he led us to the dance floor. I put my arms around his waste and saw other people having fun. Atticus was dancing in his odd way and a few others were having fun. I couldnt help but look in Tylers eyes. They were pure and sweet, I could have got lost in them.

Infact I did all night.
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