NEWS: Can you guys do a favor for me and follow @junglover? She just joined and she's one of the most stylish people I know (yes, I know her in real life!). Thanks!

Also: FIRST, 2 TOP SETS, AND NOW=3,000 FOLLOWERS???! Thank you all so much!

I chose Thor/Avengers as my favorite non-animated movie because it just is so action-packed and has the best plotlines ever! 

I'm doing the 30-Day Disneybound Challenge by @tallybow! I'm putting them together in a collection here: Come check it out! <3

---Day 1---Your favorite princess
---Day 2---Your favorite prince
---Day 3---Your favorite sidekick
---Day 4---Your favorite villain
---Day 5---Your favorite song
---Day 6---Your favorite unofficial princess
---Day 7---Your favorite unofficial prince
---Day 8---A movie you wish had a sequel
---Day 9---Your favorite movie
---Day 10---Your favorite kiss
---Day 11---Your favorite moment
---Day 12---A moment that's really sad for you
---Day 13---Your favorite movie soundtrack
---Day 14---Your favorite non-animated movie (Avengers)
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