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Well, first I must say that I got inspiration from HelloUnicorn's sets... check them, they're absolutely amazing!
Of course this set is not even the half of good of hers but anyway ...
When I first saw this picture I almost fainted and not exactly because Minho looks more perfect than usual (is it even possible?) but because the guy I like (with whom I'm kind of mad) has the same t-shirt! hahah I know it's kind of stupid, but I took it as a sign hahah I was thinking about giving up mainly because I just know him since January and even when he had shown some sympathy and interest towards me, I really feel that there's a big gap between us... he's uncomplicated, funny, not talks too much and it's the kind of person that always smile, I'm all the opposite and lately we've been acting like strangers (I have to say that it's mainly my fault because I get jealous easily and there's the witches club that follow him everywhere) so I've really been confused... what to do? does he likes me or it was just my imagination? I've questioned things like that... Today after thinking a lot I realized that he's just a person who I'd like getting to know better, I'm not in love (at least not yet) but I'd really be happy if we start to date... mmmm anyway I guess it's just matter of time and I shouldn't be sooo hard with him... I must show maturity and stop being childish... it's not his fault that those girls keep hugging him and following him wherever he it?
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