This is a sort of story (A PREQUEL OF SORTS) connected with my fanfic The Silent Killer ( ) It's from arthur's POV. Yeah, yeah I know I should finish writing the silent killer i just ugggg. This is based slightly on supernatural which I just started watching and think is brilliant.
He is just five years old when his mother first puts him in the wardrobe. She hands him a baseball bat and kisses his forehead, whispering that she'll be back soon. The first time he is not sure what he is supposed to be protecting himself against, but he soon learns. 
On his ninth birthday, he receives a gun, and as he gets older, his weapons progress in terms of danger. Until he sits in the wardrobe, aged eleven clutching a revolver to his chest. His mother and father will not hear the gun shots he makes as he wards off the forgotten creature, and that... scares the hell out of him. 
Deep in the wilds of the valley of the Gods in Utah, right up against Lake Silencio, his house stands alone. The home front against the creatures that attack and make him forget. He is always terrified that is the morning his parents won't be there. He is always scared that the creatures will take them with them.
When he is fourteen, they take him with them. They drive around Lake Silencio, quietly surveying the area. There are sounds of the creatures all around them, and each time he looks down at his arms, he forgets everything.
But he doesn't mind so much, because if he's with them it means he's not alone, waiting in the darkness.
He asked his mother once why they do this. Why they fight. Why they can't be normal. He doesn't want the normalcy, he never would be able to deal with it. The knowledge that those creatures were out there would haunt him for the rest of his life, but he wants to know, all the same.
She simply replies that it's their family business, and he thinks nothing of it until the man comes to visit him.
 When he gets to age nineteen, his mother and father disappear and he is left alone again. He is the sole owner of the house, and there's no one around for miles. He is the child left in the wardrobe once again, and he can't stand it.
He starts to frequent the Silencio Diner, so he doesn't have to feel like he's all alone. So he can feel like he could die, and no one would realize until it was too late. That's when he meets her.
Her name is Jessie, and she is the daughter of the owners. She looks into his eyes, and knows that he's seen adventure. And she begs him to take her with him. So he does, and two months later they are married. He wishes his parents were around to see them together. He doesn't realize that the man standing at the back of the ceremony is thinking the exact same thing.
They don't have a honeymoon, they just move into his house and start their life of Silent-fighting together. 
Two days after the ceremony, an old man comes to visit them. He introduces himself as Canton Everett Delaware III, Arthur's adopted grandpa. He explains that he works for the Government and that he wants them to work for him toward the cause of the fall of the silence.
Arthur realizes that Silent-hunting is truly a family business, and they sign up to work in Area 51 field agents that day. They receive eyepatches, so they won't forget.
They set off for work on a specialist assignment to find the Doctor. They have to start off with nearly no information, but it soon grows. And each morning and evening, they go on their rounds. It isn't a normal life, and they are thankful for that.
Jessie becomes pregnant with their first child, almost a year after their wedding. At first they are overjoyed, but then he realizes that the child will grow up the same way he did. They start to argue. And it continues constantly throughout their entire days.
She is four months pregnant when the Silence break into their home. It's the first time they've done it in years. They obliviate all the research they've conducted, and almost destroy their home. 
Arthur is used to it, after all those years of being in the wardrobe. It's still terrifying, but he can deal with it.
Jessie doesn't deal with it as well.
She miscarries the child, and falls into depression. Everytime she closes her eyes she sees the Silence breaking in...destroying everything. 
It drives her mad. She reaches her breaking point, and drives to Area 51 and requests a temporary mind wipe, and an eye patch removal.
He is alone again. Except he isn't. She's still alive and hunting, but not with him. And for a final time he remembers being in the wardrobe. He is terrified she'll die, and he won't know.
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