✯ O4.12.2O13 ✯

hey (◕‿◕✿)

✯ rubbish crappy simple set but i have no time to make a proper set because i have watched the paul o'grady show over and over again because the vamps were on it! ah omg they performed wildheart and they were perfect and they all looked so hot and at the end james and brad with the homeless puppies! ah me and my mum were watching it together and my mum was saying 'ooh wait till we're at the vamps concert' yess my mum loves them and we might be going to see them together i am dying. 2O14 better be my best year!

✯ saw my crush today. got butterflies.
i'm gonna die because of that stupid boy who isn't even that hot but at the same time he is fucking hot omg. he said this really funny thing today to his mate 'you're about as hard as tom daley when he sees a woman' im pissing ma sen, its so mean tho

✯ i showed one of my science teachers a picture of ashton today and she said me and him would make a really cute couple because we both have really prominent dimples. i'm dying. it's true love guys don't hate me cos u ain't me. 

✯ and my history teacher couldn't see the crosses on the tabs because the projector thingy is sh.t and everyone was like 'ooh sir you have to click the crosses' and shouting and everything and my history teacher goes 'why don't you lot shut up, i do know how to work the internet, i was building these things when you were fetuses' and he goes to my friend katie who slammed the door on her way in 'can you walk in with a little less swag please and close the door properly.' 
haha what a lad.

see ya lateerss
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