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  • Vintage Vogue magazine covers 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s
    Know your fashion history? Then test it out with this look at vintage Vogue magazine covers from the 1960s, 70s, 80s and 90s...
  • 1949 Millinery Book Make Fashionable 40s Hat Hats Illustrated DIY Milliner 1940s
    This is a Dakota Prairie Treasures Republication Book (reprint) I've created from my Personal Collection of over 161+ (and counting!) Rare Millinery Books. Our Collection of Republication Books range in date of origin from the mid 1800's to the mid 1900's. They are quite the help for persons who are into historical reenactment or just love the historically accurate, and classic, milliner styles. Your Millinery by Winifred Reiser. "with over 70 examples" Spiral Bound Book Republication™ Originally published 1959! Why Buy Just One? Receive a 50% shipping discount on all items in your order after the first purchase, providing all are paid for in a single payment as invoiced! Up for your consideration is another marvelous Dakota Prairie Treasures Spiral Bound Republication™ of our original "Your Millinery" with detailed instructions, guides and draft patterns! Enclosed in this DPT Republication is a fine variety of elegant styles and variations of Lady's Millinery which were originally published 1949 in the United Kingdom! (Original is NOT for sale) The contents goes into great detail regarding creating austere and dignified headdresses for woman of the late 1940s. Wonderfully detailed instruction & images on making simply elegant hats from start to finish! :) An Excerpt: "I am personally all in favour of the feminine sex remaining feminine; therefore, as a milliner, I hope I may be forgiven for claiming that no other article of apparel stamps the feminine hall-mark on its wearer more surely than does her hat, particularly if it is one that has just that something that the others have not--a pleasing line at the head, a well moulded upsweep brim, a nicely placed feather or an attractive bow If you have never tackled the job of making a hat, take my advice, try it now. Not only will you save expense; you will, if you have any idea of needlework, colour and line at all, gain immense satisfaction from what can become a lucrative, fascinating hobby and you will be better dressed into the bargain" Our new line of Spiral Bound Book Republications™ oh-so-conveniently lie flat while in use! This is a unbelievably nice touch if you have every tried to read a pattern's instructions while your hands are full of your in progress project. As an avid needleworker myself my personal experience prompted my choice of spiral binding for it's ease-of-use alone. We believe you'll love it too! Producing the best Spiral Bound Book Republications since 1999! Our customers say: "As a seamstress I adore this. Rate service excellent. A" Lots of pretty and functional headgear both with and without veils. All will surely be lovely! Just in time for the next seasons beautiful and unique hats! Very Post-WWII! This item is a great resource for those who are historical reenactment enthusiasts, theatre costumers, students of historical clothing, fiber and textile arts, etc! What a lovely way to show your love for the ever tasteful chapeaus of that genteel era, either for yourself or as gifts, that will amaze and please the receiver! CONTENTS: Plates. Introduction. Chapter One: The Workroom and Its Equipment. A of the workroom and the tools and accessories required in millinery. Chapter Two: Materials. Foundation materials and their use; types of felts, straws, silks and wools for making into hats. Chapter Three: Design and Choice. Factors which influence design; importance of the sparterie brim shape method; hints on choosing the right hat; seasonal materials. Chapter Four: The Sailor Hat in Felt. Includes detailed technical instruction on making a sparterie brim shape. Chapter Five: The Off the Face Hat. Moulding an off the face sparterie brim cut on the bias. Chapter Six: The Beret. Making berets in strip felt, velvet and strip straw; hints on trimming. Chapter Seven: The Pill Box. The pill box sparterie shape and the hat itself made in both strip felt and ruched silk. Chapter Eight: The Touque. How to make the toque in silk; directions for pleating the material. Chapter Nine: The Off the Face Hat in Satin. Fitting and sticking satin over a sparterie brim
  • September Vogue 1957
    September Vogue 1957
  • HOT PINK Decorative Books, Wedding Decor, Book Collection Set, Interior Design, Centerpiece, Home Library Decorating Photos, magenta beige
    A timeless colorful accent for decorating, a wedding, or a unique vintage gift. POWERFUL PINK. This collection features powerful pinks with beige accents. The set measuring 9 1/2" tall and 7" long. UNIQUE! CURIOUS ABOUT OUR SHOP?
  • spellbound-one: blue glass and books
    spellbound-one: “ blue glass and books ”