I was tagged by @sophi-sticated to answer this.

Sorry it's late. I forgot about it. (And my answers are boring hehe)
1) What colour are your nails?
I don't have anything on my nails. ( do you mean nail polish? )
2) Who's the best person to follow on insta?
I don't have insta. :(
3) A pet rhino or chameleon?
Chameleon is pretty cool because it change color. I think.
4) Gold or silver jewels?
Umm.. Maybe both?
5) When did you last cry?
I can't remember. I haven't cry since forever. Life's pretty good right now :D
6) When was your last laughing fit?
Just now with my brother.
7) Lucky/favourite number?
Probably 8.
8) Do you have instagram?
9) Can you follow me on instagram? 
Again I don't have instagram..
10) What's your favourite ever set?
I don't know.. Maybe this one
11) Have you ever made an 11:11 wish?
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