Posted 5 years ago by stylocoldmilo
Congratulations to the 5 winners of the contest -The Skirt! I spent a long time selecting the winners. c: And thanks to the others who have participated!

Posted 5 years ago by stylocoldmilo
This announcement is regarding the contest: The Skirt.
I'd like to thank everyone who participated but I realized that some sets are not using the Organic by John Patrick Skirt which is stated under the guidelines. I am sorry as those sets will be rejected, because it will be unfair for the others who used the skirt in their sets. Sorry for the inconvenience caused and I'm sorry if I've been unclear in the instructions given. But anyhow, I am really happy and excited to see incoming sets. Thanks everyone!

Posted 5 years ago by stylohotmilo
Hi everyone, I'm glad to see that this group is still active. Feel free to provide suggestions to improve this space e.g. ideas for a new competition.
Anyway, I am changing my account to stylocoldmilo:
Do add me as a contact or leave me a PM if you want to provide any suggestions!
I am sorry to have neglected this space for quite some time. I'll be back often this time round so keep your heads turned!
XOXO Jasmine

Posted 8 years ago by stylohotmilo
I am so sorry that I didn't update the group! By the way, the 3 winners from the blazor contest are out! And there is a new contest!