Tuesday; Hopefully you didn't get manis and pedis because you're working on farm today. You'll be picking and planting fruit for one of Brazil's largest companies.

another crap story :\

I was trying to pack everything into the boxes and move them as quickly as possible so I could be done the quickest.
I hadn't been talking to people, barely even to Nadia. I hadn't told her what he said and wasn't planning on it. You couldn't fathom how pissed I was because of what Jason said to me. He had tried talking to me since the incident after we snuck out, but I refused to talk to him.
"Emma, talk to me." He was following me
"Why? Need to call me easy again? Or are you just going to call me a straight up whore this time?"
"I'm sorry. I stuck my foot in my mouth. I didn't mean it the way it sounded."
"Seriously? That's your excuse? 'I didn't mean it the way it sounded?' Because what you flat out said was that I was easy. Now if there's a different meaning of the that in New York, please speak up."
"Emma, I'm sorry. I was just meaning that you keep surprising me. That first impressions are nothing."
"Good way of bullshitting your explaination to that mistake. Sorry, I'm not believing it."
I went to walk away, but he stopped me, "Emma, please, I'm sorry. What was I supposed to say? I mean I stated a fact." I dropped the box of fruit on the ground and slapped him.
"You're supposed to say nothing, as*hole. Stop talking to me."I grabbed the box and headed to where I was supposed to put them and Nadia just happened be there.
"Ems what's going on?" She looked concerned.
"Nothing, I just hate Jason..."
"What? Why?!"
"He's just not who I thought he was. I'm over him." I just thought about was he said and my eyes started to water and Nadia noticed.
"Woah, honey, Emma. What the hell happened?"
"Emma its not nothing if you're tearing up and crying. Its obviously something." I sat on the ground and ran my hands across my face trying to wipe my tears away.
Nadia followed my lead and sat next to me, "Jason just said something horrible."
"What did he say?"
"That I was easy... I know its true, but I don't want to hear it."
"Honey, you're not-"
"Don't defend me. Its true. I know I am." More tears fell out. I really didn't want a scene to happen, but I couldn't stop my crying.
She pulled me into her chest, "Its alright, Ems, forget him, seriously. Its nothing big."
"He's right. Isn't he?"
"Ems, please just don't cry. I hate seeing friends cry, it makes me cry and honey, I'm not wearing waterproof mascara honey."
I laughed a bit, "I'm fine now honey. Thanks."
I swallowed my tears and that was that.
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