watch this video! Sorry I know i'm not the best with nails, but hopefully you get the idea??:)

What you need;

-white nail polish

-color of your choice nail polish

-clear or top coat/base coat

-bobby pin/nail dotter.


1. This is optional, but for those of you who like to have a base coat go ahead & put that on fist.

2. take your colored nail polish &paint half your nail. Wait for it to dry!!! Can't stress that enough...

3. Take your white & paint the other half of your nail.

4. Take your plate and put both color on it.

5. Take your bobby pin/nail dotter. Dip it into the white and put 3 small dots on the side of you nail on the colorful half of your nail.

6. Dip dotter into the the colored nail polish & put 3 small dots on the white half of your nail.

Those are actually my nails in the pic & video! If this tip doesn't help be sure to watch the tutorial. 

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