Posted two years ago by happygirljlc
Hi Y'all!! I am sorry that I haven't been around lately. I have become increasingly busy at home and I do not have the time to manage my Poly groups like I should. With that being said....I am looking to find someone to become Moderator of the group. Is anyone up to the challenge? It is a lot of fun and I had a ball doing it! Message me if you are interested.
Thank you all for your support and inspiration!

Posted three years ago by happygirljlc
So sorry that I haven't been around for awhile. We are going to be relocating to a new city and with that comes a lot of work! I will be back periodically, but until we get settled in our new location I won't be having any new contests. Thank you all and see you again soon! :) Have a great start to your summer!!

Posted three years ago by happygirljlc
Thank you all for participating in the contests! I will be out of town next week celebrating the holidays, so a new contest won't be posted until January. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's!!