I've been recently inspired by these super simple sets, they are so cute and you really just get to focus on the outfit, which is what polyvore's about, right? Fashion. 
So, I'll be making more of these sets. I'm tired of everyone making the same style (myself included) of sets, I want to be original. 

I'll still make the magazine/collage sets, because I do like them, but from now on I'm making sets that I WANT to make, not what I think will get the most likes. 

Let's be original, people. 

Who's with me?

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Wrote three years ago
i just said that in a set i made.
i hate that people on here make sets to get likes, not for their own enjoyment.
so i agree with you (: i'd rather make sets i like and get ten likes then make sets that others like for 100 likes.


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