Simply Simpleee!

Okay, here is for the next contest. I got this idea from spanish rose. I love it! She suggested a contest with either a lot of items, or only a little. I chose the second one. For this contest, please, make it simple. 10 items maximum. I cannot wait to see. These sets are tricky because of some layouts, but also easy because they do not take as long! 1 week! NOOO LIMIT! Unfortunatly, I cannot display Spanish Rose's sets because they are all so cluttered! Cluttered, but awesome! So here, some of
Days Go By. 2/25Days Go By. 2/25 by Cⓐⓡⓞ♡!Cⓤⓓⓓⓐ busy with essay :( featuring Theory heels
Yellow HoundYellow Hound by Cⓐⓡⓞ♡!Cⓤⓓⓓⓐ busy with essay :( on

Love you!

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