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"Almost always, the typical Sagittarius is happy and gregarious, but their temper can explode like a rocket if they feel bothered by people who abuse their way to be naturally friendly or take too much confidence in them.
Jupiter men and women have a strong religious vein, especially in his youth. They care deeply about things like church, but as they mature they may become dogmatic skeptically starting to question their old faith and tend to seek perfection of its values.
We can always see a childish air in the typical Sagittarian, naive, brave and optimistic."

I think that description matches very well with Kevin, don't you think so? while reading the book, I was relating everything to MInho, like, OMG, he's like this, and yeah, that's true, it's incredible how Minho portraits the typical Sagittarius, and also Onew but in a lower quantity but I think this fits him perfectly "The Archer is able to approach, give a friendly pat on the back and smile amicably. Then you'll be greeted with this kind of commentary: "What are you doing to look so young? with that age! " or "that dress fits you perfectly, it hides your belly" After one of those bright openings, Sagittarius will continue with his ​​brilliant smile, but yours will have begun to wilt a little. It'll take a while to him to realize that his words were the cause of your seriousness, and longer still to understand why. Then the will attempt to explain it. Try to stay calm, because the explanation will be worse." lol

so now it's 24:00 so it's officially my b-day and tomorrow's the music bank!!! Now I'm talking to my parents by skype, I think they're about to sing happy birthday to me lol my 'brother' is there too lol 

oh yeah they're singing now ^_^ how much I love my family
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