"Man, that was a close one," Al said. 

"I know!" I agreed, hiking my shopping bag higher up my shoulder. "Who knew people shopped this early?"

"We almost got stampeded by the grammy brigade." She laughed as we headed to the parking lot from the shop. With the help of a nifty color swatch from Pantone, we had managed to find dresses for the wedding easily and were almost gone before we were attacked by a group of scary looking, old money-ed women who desperately needed their chanel fix.

"Alright see ya later!" I said as i got into my car, "I have to go make tea and meet the guys before they get back. I have a key now!" I waved it around."

"OOooo!" She exclaimed sarcasticly. "How very special!"

I rolled my eyes. "Bye, Al."


It took ten minutes to get there and let myself in. I sang as i made tea, knowing that this would be the first time they heard me sing. I hoped they liked me.

I launched into the chorus of 'It ends tonight" by the All-American Rejects as the water boiled.

"When darkness turns to light, 
It ends tonight,
It ends tonight,
Just a little insight won't make this right
Too late to fight 
It ends tonight
It ends tonight.

Now I'm on my own side---"

I stopped singing when i noticed the shadows in front of me. It was the boys.

And they started clapping.

"Holy crap, molly. Your amazing." Liam smiled.

"Thanks, I--" I blushed and handed him a mug. "Here."

"Alright, then. Lets get cracking, " Sam said.

And i sang.
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three comments

Wrote 6 years ago
it's thursday evening, starts at 6:30
i'd love it if you came (:
we might even be able to piss of my parents! which would be amazing :')
- allegra x

Wrote 6 years ago
(http://www.polyvore.com/allegra_green/set?id=17252484 :D)
basically, my mum is making me go to this sh.itty dinner thing.
would you mind coming along?
i know its going to be mega boring, but Bea, Aaron and Jamie are going to be there. You can even invite some members of 'the sh.it' if they can be 'civilised' enough!
- allegra x

Wrote 6 years ago
let's get cracking indeed :)
i'm really excited to hear you guys now! ^_^
- allegra x





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