Getting my models out first, the rest will be filled in as time comes, pretty busy right now to sort everything out.
And yes, I'm playing two characters! :D

☠ Charlotte Ansley
GOES BY: Charlie
AGE: 25
BIRTH PLACE: Devon, England
FROM: British clan
BIO: Born and raised in Devon, Charlie's family is one of the mafia royalties around England; her father is the right-hand man of William Sexington. With a silver spoon in her mouth, she's living the life of a princess but doesn't act like one. Charlie is understanding, most of the time, bubbly, daring, independent and naughty. Second in the family, her older brother is most likely to succeed her father's place than his younger stepbrother who is only 19 years old, too young. Charlie knows nothing about what her father and brothers are up to. All she cares for is a simple life, with the ones she loves. If you think Charlie is an easy tease, you're dead wrong. Once provoked, there's no turning back, so watch your back.
RELATIONSHIP: Madly in love with Herve
MODEL: Candice Swanepoel
USERNAME: @elaineeeee

☠ NAME: Veronika Zaslavsky
GOES BY: Kira 
AGE: 23
BIRTH PLACE: Moscow, Russia
FROM: Russian clan
BIO: Growing up as an orphan since the age of 13, Kira and her brother, Stefan pretty much depended on each other for most of their lives. A bakery family were kind enough to let Kira and her brother stay at their basement but that was it. Aside from occasional invites for dinner, the rest of their living expenses had to be sorted out on their own; mostly from a then 16 years old Stefan who was able to work some part-time job to earn enough for food. While her brother was busy working, Kira went around begging and stealing people's belonging. She was told by Stefan not to but she didn't listen. When she was 16, she met a bunch of older friends that were bad influences, but she was happy with them and felt like she finally belonged somewhere. They were always gambling, stealing, smoking, getting high on drugs and so much more. That was practically her teen years. Later on, Kira ran away with the bunch after a huge fight with her brother. Because her gang was always owing money from buying alcohol and drugs, they were always on the run; hiding from one place to another and they found it thrilling. However, everything must come to an end. They eventually got caught by a small mafia group, and to clear off their drug debts they sold Kira to the group which made Kira devastated. But Kira is one tough chick that you wouldn't want to mess with. After the betrayal, she decided not to trust anyone and only depend on herself. Kira is also sneaky, so she escaped the mafia group easily. While looking for shelter, she encountered another gang who were interested in bringing her into the sex slave industry over at Amsterdam. It was then she met Kazirmir, the right-hand man of Russia's most influential mafia leader. He brought her in under his guidance as he saw potential in her. Several years later, Kira is now his most trusted assistant.
RELATIONSHIP: Single, but fooling around
MODEL: Kate Bock
USERNAME: @elaineeeee

(Chapter One)
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