Hold you breath and just dive right in? Um...not so much. I finally got up the courage to go to the community pool (in my two piece btw...Mom finally threw away my snagged old daisy) and guess who was there...as a lifeguard?! HART JONES. uh huh! I wanted to hang out with him but I had to watch this little brat, who just came out of nowhere because I don't know any kids, and Hart couldn't move because his sunburn was too bad. Poor baby. lol...which one? lol jk Yeah...and to make matters worse, Miss Evil Poison Ivy Daly was there. Yeah, that's right. I'm using her full name on the internet that's how made I am right now! I'm also typing without looking and the dude next to me...I mean...Phinnie...probably thinks I'm a robot or something. OMG! Can this summer get any worse? I'm trying to swim but I just keep sinking! Yours till the lesbian drowns...MadFinn
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