I watch him from beneath the waves. His ship is rocking; my sea is throwing it around like a toy. Some of the men look like they are yelling. They are scrambling around the ship like ants whose mound has been crushed. But it is silent in my sea. He does not clamber like the rest. I watch him as he climbs ever so carefully to the edge of his ship. His figure is watery, distorted by the curtain of waves I watch him through. For a moment I am mystified, why isn’t he panicking like the rest? Then I realize what he is doing. He is going to jump. I feel a slight twinge of disappointment in my chest. I had thought he was brave, but he is the most coward of them all. But they are the easiest targets, so I have chosen well. I watch his figure arc through the grey sky as I let myself bubble to the surface. He is not so calm now. Perhaps he didn’t think about the consequences of his action. I feel my hum resonate throughout my being before I let it reach his ears. I can always tell when they hear me. He stops struggling and goes still, listening, sinking. The water closes over his head and I let a current of my sea bring him closer to me. When he feels the push of water begin to move him he jolts to life once more. As his head breaks through the water I part my lips and let my melody reach his ears again, clearer. He paddles, desperate to find me. I feel a small smile curve my lips as I watch him. He turns and his eyes lock on me. His gaze is panicked as the water propels him closer. He is close enough to touch now and I let my song wash over his consciousness stronger than before. His eyes are blank and he sinks for a second and final time. I follow him under, welcoming the serene sea around me. As his life slips away I feel myself strengthen. He does not struggle anymore. It’s not nearly as much fun to take the victims of shipwrecks. They are limp and scared. I prefer to lure them from the shore, but he will have to do. I can feel the last threads of his existence fade away into my being and I am done with him. He is the sea’s now.
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Wrote three years ago
I thought i commented here, THIS IS AMAZING, AND EVEN BETTER BECAUSE I LOVE THE SEA!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Wrote 4 years ago
@singmesoftlytosleep you are welcome c; <3

Wrote 4 years ago
@allabouttus Thank you dear!

Wrote 4 years ago
so pretty <3 love it! :D <3 just perfect!



triangles are hipster & so are we.

triangles are hipster & so are we.

this group is for you, if you agree that ▲= hipster. you like to over use these shapes, by slipping them into your sets, contact info & even conversations. members in this group, aside from obsessing over triangles, seem to like indie/alternative music, nutella, tumblr, moccasins, dream catchers, and using words like rad, chill, epic, bamf or dank instead of awesome. if these traits apply to you, please join.

Hipster-ish sets

Hipster-ish sets

This is basically an anything group :)

▲ we are the wallflowers ▲

▲ we are the wallflowers ▲

This group is for all INDIE/HIPSTER sets!
'From my rotting body
flowers shall grow and
I am in them and
that is infinity.'
▲ triangles, nature, bears, deer, wolf, combat boots, galaxy tights, collared shirts, sweaters, high-waisted shorts, Dr Martens, dream catchers, skinny jeans, denim shirts ▲




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