Saturday 6th: If you don't already have plans for your Saturday night, get down to the cinema and watch one of those new movie releases. Whether you're into comedys or horror films, there's bound to be a film that floats your boat. You might even bump into a familar face or meet a new friend?

I stood waiting for Cammie, my head in the clouds, visa's on my mind, a letter from immigration burning a hole in my bag, "I'm sorry that I'm late" Cammie began to explain as she approached me, I pulled myself out of my head and smiled, "The show didn't finish on time" she added before I could say not to worry.
She had arrived early enough to get drinks and still get some good seat's without rushing so it didn't bother me. "It's fine, I haven't been waiting long, I stayed back at work to organise some files and whatnot" I smiled.
"Phew" Camie let out an exhausted sigh and laughed. "I was hoping I hadn't kept you long, I hate not arriving on time" she frowned as we both approached the queue, which wasn't too long for once.
"How was the show?" I asked, turning to face Cammie as we slowly moved forward in line.She shrugged, "the usual" she chuckled, "Oli got a hair cut so we posted it on our Facebook page for giggles."
"Sounds amusing" I laughed, "is it really that bad?" I asked, amused.
"It's not bad but it's different" she shrugged "how was your day?" I caught her admiring look and sighed "It's not all fun and games, it's been busy lately" I commented before we both ordered a drink each and popcorn to share, Cammie wasn't a big eater and I always ate less around her not to feel like a pig.
"I always fear that I might choke to death on a piece of popcorn and nobody will hear or see me choking and dying" Cammie confessed as we searched for cinema 5. I erupted into laughter, almost spitting out a mouthful of soda. "That's a weird fear, Camille" I laughed, pushing the door open. 

"How was the film you girls saw?" Leighton asked us as she approached Cammie and I sitting and talking. "It was really funny" Cammie replied, laughing a little at a part of the film she remembered red so vividly.
"What did you end up seeing?" Lakyn asked, walking behind Leighton and wrapping his arms around her waist. "Identity Thief" I chirped, sipping the last of my soda.
"The trailer looks so good for that" Lakyn grinned, nodding. "I wanted to see that, mate, but no, we had to see Warm Bodies" Miles complained, crossing his arms over his chest.
I then noticed that Lakyn's band had obviously tagged along but it didn't seem to have bothered Leighton. She seemed pretty happy in the arms of her man, judging from her smile.
"You didn't have to come along" Leighton told him, smiling wide though. "Well, I certainly didn't tag along to see you" Miles retorted, glancing at Cammie and smirking.
She flipped him the bird before standing and pulling lightly on my arm. "It's past my bedtime, guys, night" she smiled and paused, "I'll see you soon Leigh."
She nodded, waving before Cammie almost dragged me out of the building. "What was that all about?" I asked as we stood outside, letting the cool night air tug on our clothes gently.
"Miles wants to get in my pants" she told me, waiting for a reaction. "You don't want that, I'm assuming" I chuckled.
"He's too confident for his own good and enjoys flirting up a storm" she explained. "We even had to enforce the rule of hands on the table when out to dinner" she added, and then chuckled.
"So he's keen" I laughed, shaking my head. "He's not bad, a little rough around the edges" I paused, "but I have my man waiting for me at home."
"You lucky ducky, he's probably warming up the bed for you right now" Cammie laughed. I nodded, "I shouldn't keep him waiting" I grinned.
"I'll talk to you tomorrow" Cammie called out as I began wandering toward my car. "Enjoy the sex" she yelled out, causing a couple people to stare at her, I laughed and ducked my head, Just as I got the keys in the lock "Oh Hi Lo!" Viv walked out of the cinema and waved at me, I waved back and called her over "Hello Vi, how was your movie?" she smiled "pretty good, I saw Anna Karenina" I nodded "trust you to find a classic, thats totally like you" I looked at my watch and saw it was still early "hey wanna go get ice cream, I didn't eat much in the cinema" just as I finished saying that my tummy rumbled loudly. 

"Hmm sounds good, your poor tummy sounds like it needs it" she giggled and I smiled "ok let me lock up again and we can head over there" I pointed to a wendys on the corner, when my car was all locked up I linked arms with Viv and led her to the ice cream parlor.

 "Mm double choc chip" I smiled when I had a huge cone in my hand, licking drips off the cone she looked and me and shook her head "I don't know where you put it all, you eat more than anyone I know and your always skinny" I laughed and then blushed "well.. I'm a growing girl I guess".

We both laughed and ate our icecreams while walking back to the cars, I finished mine and gave her a sticky hug, "don't be a stranger, call me" I smiled, "ok promise" she agreed and waved goodbye before jumping into her car. 

I made it home in good time, typical Sydney traffic but I managed to beat the lights and I pulled up in my car park and smiled at the familiar car next to mine. Walking into the house I kept the lights off and fell into bed "hey sleepy head" I giggled and kissed Noel on the lips "hey sexy, you taste like ice cream" he laughed and pulled me down on top of him, I giggled some more and then said thoughtfully "you know we need to find someone for Cammie" he nodded "ok, I know Miles likes her" I groaned softly "yeah but I'm not sure Cammie likes him.. maybe she protests too much though" I grinned and made a mental plan to find out and maybe hook them up again..

Noel rolled his eyes "now instead of hooking other people up, get here and hook up with me" he winked.

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