Besides the Tarot and others, I use a divination method called "bibliomancy" (opening books randomly for answers). I've developed an uncanny knack for it. Not only with books (any kind, I've even gotten on point answers using a phone book), but pretty much anything that has text or numbers or something that can be used as symbolism. Note, the Universe speaks to us like this all the time. It's just a matter of opening one's eyes, ears, mind and heart to it. 

Also kinda fun, things often come to me in the form of lines from songs. This collage wanted to be called "Sittin' on the Sun," (I originally put the chair right on top of the sun) but I'm like what, what does that mean? I had an idea, but didn't like it, lol .. (Some messages are, um, hard to swallow.) Then I heard that ole song line, "Sittin' on the dock of the bay ... wastin' tiiiiiime." lol .. Moi? Wasting time? So I asked my cards, drew the Knight of Pentacles. It's about being practical and getting real work done :-) Now I had earlier been doing some things I thought were productive, uh, but now that I think about it, maybe not so much, hehe .. Spent way too much time on it in lieu of doing, well, real work :-D Too much chattin' not enough movin' and shakin' -- hence, the rather large mouth and the sticks in the eyes (obscured vision). To top it off, the background card to this practical and very work-y Knight was the Fool card. I clicked on a Tarot website whose interps I enjoy and one of them for the Fool in this position--"wasting time." Damn. The Bee totem here is also about working. The rose is about our dreams--the nitty-gritty details, and un-fun tasks have to be done... So on that note, I'm off to do the dishes (my most procrastinated chore) that I should-a done much earlier this eve :-D

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