stained my teeth with more red wine,
i'm a romantic,
but never pearly white.

( was tagged by @hijabikebabi. this is basically the first time i got tagged into making a set so yay (: this came super late though. thank you, lovely being. 

so i had use lyrics for the title [ i always do anyway ]. it's in a cave by tokyo police club. and the random question i have to answer is 'what is one thing about you that nobody on here knows?' well, there's a lot people here don't know about me but uhh, let's go with my favourite lager. i like carlsberg and stella when i have extra? that's as random as it goes.

as for the look up there, i think i'm about to go through a military-ish phase because i tried this khaki army jacket from topshop the other day and i'm obsessed with it so yeah. )

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