Sorry this took so long. I got home and immediately crashed. I woke up a little while ago and yeah... This is really rough. You've been warned. @withacherryontop

Addison Gonzales [BAI]
“Bienvenue a Chez Addie,” I curtsied as I ushered Wednesday through my apartment door. 

From behind me, I heard a groan and muffled speech. While practically choking on a cheeseburger that he had been stuffing his face with, Nate horned in, “How come she gets a ‘welcome’ and all I get is a ‘what do you want? Your girlfriend’s not here?’” 

“ANYWAY!" I announced loudly, attempting to disregard his comment. "Don’t mind the mess,” I playfully rolled my eyes and nodded my head in the direction of the couch, where Nate, Bethany’s boyfriend, had made a filthy home for himself. 

“Excuse me, I will not be ignored.” He burped loudly, before standing up and walking over to us. “How come she’s so special?”

With mock frustration, and a small hint of real embarrassment, I responded, “Because she is lovely and you are grotesque.” I couldn’t help but smile as I said it. As weird as it seems, Nate and I had somehow become friends, and this was how we showed our affections. He had a particularly keen way of getting under my skin and I had a loaded arsenal of vicious rhetoric prepped and ready for him. 

“Oh, ok.” He smirked. “Just wondering…” He walked back to the couch and threw himself down hard. 

“Seriously, don’t mind him. He’s not as bad as he seems.” I said to Wednesday as we walked towards the kitchen. I jumped up and sat on the counter, while she sat down on the stray unbroken bar stool that we kept in the kitchen. Between bad morning hangovers and drunken late nights, Bethany and I had managed to break all of the others via falling. 

“Right,” Wednesday said in an elongated way as if to question the situation.

“What? He’s Bethany’s boyfriend. She’s always working. He’s always here. Might as well talk to the guy right?” 

“I suppose…”

“Whaaaat?” I whined. 

“I don’t know. It’s just—never mind.” She attempted to drop the subject, not being one for arguing. I, however, LOVED to argue. It has always been a favorite of mine. Thus, I stared at her until she spilled. “FINE! Just stop giving me the evil eye.” We both laughed loudly, and when it died down she explained, “It’s just that, you know... if I didn’t know you any better…”

“Quit stalling!”

“It kinda seemed like you were flirting! There, I said it. Now what are we going to do today?” Now that everything was out in the air, Wednesday settled in: taking off her rain coat, fixing her hair, checking her phone. 

“Noooo. That was NOT flirting. No eww. He’s too vanilla for my taste.” I scrunched my nose in disgust and shook my head. 

“Ok.” She said unconvinced, but obviously trying to end the conversation. 

I took heed, and changed the subject; although, the thought did linger in my mind. Could that have been misconstrued as flirting? Were we flirting? No. Wednesday just didn’t know how we were. She didn’t get that we just acted like that out of boredom and the shared pleasure we received from annoying people. No, Wednesday was just wrong. 

“Anyway, we’re having a picnic.” 

She raised her brow, “Uhh, it’s pouring outside.” She pointed towards her nearly soaked through clothes and her still dripping wet rain boots. 

“I know.” I turned and began pulling things out of my cupboard and piling them into my picnic basket. 

“We’ll get like pneumonia or something.”

“Probably.” I ignored her prodding and continued what I was doing. 

After I had grabbed the last piece of our meal, two avocados, I shut the basket and began singing “I’m Ready” in a Spongebob Squarepants fashion. I lightly tugged on her arm, as she climbed down off the chair and joined me in song. She wrapped her arm around mine as we walked. 

“Don’t I need my stuff?” 

“Nope, not really.” We walked down the hall towards the living room, made a left and opened the balcony door where we were met by my SUPERB layout of an adorable coffee table surrounded by pillows, blankets and a gorgeous view of the city. Wednesday’s jaw dropped as she awed at the cuteness of our picnic location. “See, who needs parks when you’ve got a balcony?”

“Dude, I didn’t even know you had one.” She laughed as she sat down, and cuddled with Beau [my French bulldog] who had already been enjoying our little alcove. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon people watching through a pair of crappy binoculars, stuffing our faces full of fruits, veggies and the random assortment of appetizers that I had cooked, and talking/laughing our asses off. All in all, it was a great day. 
Horrible ending, I know. I lost inspiration like half way through it so I tried to do the best with what I had. 
If you read it, please write “balcony brunches.”
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Wrote three years ago
wait dude. polyvore just alerted me that i was tagged in this. BUT AHHHHI MISS YOU HONEY BOOO BOOOO.

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Balcony brunches

Wrote 4 years ago



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