"The sixties were a time when ordinary people could do extraordinary things" - Twiggy.
I am a HUGE fan of Twiggy Lawson and the 1960s' era. Mary Quant, Foale and Tuffin and Biba were all genius 60s' fashion designers! Creating clothes for the young girls and it was a time when fashion looked really fun and not serious at all!
Twiggy was gorgeous, with her huge caterpillar-like eyes, the make-up, cropped blonde hair and her lanky figure was so iconic. 
She was so fragile and shy at first but the photographer told her to imagine the camera lens was her friend. Aw. 
If I could enter one era for the day, it was definitely be the 60s' or maybe the 70s because of Punk - Vivienne Westwood. 
I've got a question, which era would you loved to have lived in? 

I got challenged by ..eVe..
1) ALL of you HAVE TO make a set with this item:
2) Then, choose an extra item{WHATEVER YOU WANT}..i choose this:
3) After that, challenge 5 friends that they have to make a set with these two items.
4) Finally, submit the set that you have made in my group at the contest named :Challenge!

I challenge:
1. hileeery
2. Tabitha Sue 
3. Ania ❤ 
4. rockAfela♥ 
5. I'm not sure for the 5th person, so I don't know...15th person to comment, maybe? XD Please don't feel oblige to do this challenge because I couldn't careless if you do it or not. 
I was actually bothered to do this challenge surprisingly :) I ignored all my tags permanently and I didn't do the In Vogue tag because I couldn't be bothered XDXD.
My favourite items in this set is of course that Alexander McQueen scarf, and the Betsey Johnson jewellery. That camera also, it's so vintage and old-fashioned x].
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