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Introducing some of the friends this time. We’ll get into the plot soon. Promise.

Ana Harper; February 

“Thank you very much for the lift Nora.” I smiled at Olivia’s mother as she dropped us off at Kings Park where we were meant to be meeting the rest of our friends for a back to school gathering, picnic thing. Olivia lived within walking distance of my house so her mum had offered the take both of us.

“Yea Thanks mum.” Olivia echoed, scrambling out of the car like she couldn’t get out of the fast enough. Okay I got that, I’d totally try and escape my mothers ASAP but her mum was so much cooler than mine.

“You’re welcome girls.” She smiled back at us before driving off. See, mine would have made some obnoxious comment - actually on second thought mine would have refused to drop me off and would have forced dad to do it.

“You’re mother-” I started to say before she cut me off with a roll of her eyes

“-Is an over bearing nutjob I am well aware.”

“That’s not what I was going to say.” It was my turn to roll my eyes now, “and compared to mine she is a freaking hippy.”

“Ok, maybe that’s true.” She conceded with a nod of her head and wow my mother must be really bad if she agreed with me.

I didn’t have anything to say in response to that, so I was extremely glad when we heard a voice calling our name. Spinning around I noticed Willow and Sophia waving us over. Well actually Willow was waving us over, Sophia was lying stretched out across the top of a picnic table like she was catching rays, though she was probably attempting to be seductive or something.

As we got closer I noticed Willow looked extremely relieve to see us which meant Sophia must be having one of her obnoxious days. Whoop-de-do “Good afternoon lovelies.” I called out as we approached them.

“Hi Gorgeous.” Willow returned with a genuine smile. Sophia just cracked an eye open and ran her eyes up and down my body. I felt extremely judged, which was ridiculous because there was no reason for her to be judging me at all.

“Let’s all just pretend Olivia isn’t here then huh?” Olivia huffed good humouredly as she sat down on one of the benches and stretched her legs out in front of her, mirroring pretty much what Willow was doing on the other side. I stood, mouth twisted as I tried to decide who to push aside so I could have some freaking room.

“Well if you insist.” Sophiasnarked, with perhaps more venom that was called for. Which basically cemented my decision as I pushed her legs aside and hoisted myself up onto the top of the table, making sure the skirt of my dress remained modest.

“Where’s Keira?” I asked , interrupting what was sure to become a snark fest between the two of them - it happened fairly often and Willow just always ended up looking like an idiot.

“She was out with Joel today.” Willow supplied as I dropped my bag onto the table even though it was bound to get dirty.

“Ohh how cute.” Sophia cooed, clearly mocking the two of them. I actually did think they were cute, if a bit of an odd couple but I decided not to actually say that, especially when Sophia was in one of her moods.

“So who are you dressing up for Ana?” Sophia asked smugly totally changing the subject as she was want to do. Turning to look at her incredulously I noticed she’d pulled her sunglasses down to look at me and was smirking like she knew a secret.

“No one.” I said with a confused shake of my head, “What are you even talking about.”

“Look at you.” She gestured up and down at me, sunglasses still held in her hands, “You’re wearing a dress.”

“Sophia,” I said as patiently as I could manage, “This is how I always dress. Well not this dress in particular but this is the sort of thing I wear always; without fail always.” I said, well aware I was babbling but whatever it was part of my charm. Or lack thereof more accurately.

“Oh sure.” Sophia nodded skeptically with a roll of her eyes as she replaced her sunglasses on her eyes.

“Come on guys.” I turned to Willow and Olivia with pleading eyes, “This is how I always dress. Why has Sophia finally gone crazy.”

“I dunno Ana,” Willow said as Olivia just covered her mouth like she thought that would be able disguise her giggles, “That dress is pretty fancy.”

“You all suck. What are you even talking about.” I have to admit I whined just a little.

“Nothing at all.” Olivia shrugged helplessly though her face betrayed her. I hated them all at this moment,

“Just noting your dress is awfully fancy for a day at the park with just friends.” Sophia dragged the word friends out and filled it with insinuation. Defiantly full of hate

“What is going on?” I snapped loosing patience with this whole bullshit charade, “What the fuck does everyone know that I don’t.”

“Nothing.” Willow shook her head. Clearly all the idiots were enjoying this. I needed better friends.

“Well if there’s nothing drop the stupid ass fucking hints and at least pretend you’re not hiding something from me.”

“They’re not exactly hiding it from you.” A voice behind me made me jump in surprise. Christian, that ass, “More like teasing you but refusing to actually let you know what it’s about.”

“Great.” I groaned, dropping my head heavily onto his shoulder so I could glare at him, “So you know as well.”

“Yes.” He nodded simply.

“Are you going to tell me?” I asked hopefully. This was ridiculous.

“Nope.” He shook his head, “But I’m not going to tease you either. It’s not my place to tell you.”

“Okay, fine I guess I can accept that.” I said, as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder in a greeting hug - this is why Christian was my favourite, “But you guys should take a leaf out of his book and drop it.”

“You should drop it. Don’t be mean to Ana” Christian nodded in agreement. My Hero. Olivia and Willow had the decency to look a tiny bit ashamed. Sophia just looked bored.

“Drop what?” Yet another person had arrived. Except it wasn’t a person, it was three. Matt and Joel were carrying a huge picnic basket, esky thing between them and Keira was walking next to Joel, he had an arm wrapped around her waist. Matt was the one who’d spoken.

I opened my mouth to tell him and maybe ask him if he knew what the hell was going on when Willow cut me off. “We were just teasing Ana about her dress and she got stroppy.” Strange. Though kind of true in a twisted way.

I was going to question her on it when Christian kind of elbowed me in the back and okay I could take a hint I didn’t need more bruises.

“I think you look nice.” Matt shrugged, as the two of them dropped the esky.

“Thank you. Someone is nice to me.” I poked my tongue out at everyone else and pretended not to notice their knowing looks as the pushing and shoving commenced until everyone was seated, except Christian because I refused to let him move.

“Is this everyone?” Willow asked curiously, once we were all seated which was basically her way of asking if Ben was going to show up. He was kind of part of our group but didn’t always do everything with us.

“Ben’s not coming. He has back to school shopping to do.” I shrugged.

“How much do you want to bet it’s for a new wardrobe.” Christian asked with a grin, “Because his old clothes are so out of fashion.”

Even though he was probably right I felt obligated to smack him in the shoulder and glare “Be nice.”

“Oh yes.” Olivia said sarcastically from where she now sat, legs pulled up to her chest so Matt could sit next to her, “Because you are just the perfect example of being nice.”

“Shut up.” I growled with a blush as everyone burst into laughter. They were all idiots, everyone I chose to associate with. I loved them anyway though, and just had a feeling this year was going to be amazing.

Tagging @luxecouture @vicks @chrissykinz @ingrid and @sarahstardom I think was who I was tagging. Can't remember. Also sorry if who is who is hard to follow, I meant to only include the girls but the story got away from me - and I still haven't introduce everyone :S oopsy!
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