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  • själ Women's Kura Intuitif Mini Jar
    själ Women's Kura Intuitif Mini Jar
    Själ Kura Intuitif is the world’s richest, lightest, freshest and most comprehensive skin treatment cream for dry, depleted, fatigued or mature skin. Allowing the highest levels of hydration, Kura Intuitif immediately and deeply replenishes moisture, helps repair damage, aids in elimination of hyperpigmentation and smooths and firms the skin’s surface as well its deeper layers. Kura Intuitif performs multiple healing functions with simplicity and ease – and works quickly to save time and resonate with every lifestyle. A nutritionally complete crème, which helps to calm and soothe the skin immediately, aids in the reduction of broken capillaries, appearance of spider veins and redness. Contains a complex for hyperpigmentation, brightening and evening of the skin tone, providing luminosity and clarity from the palest to the darkest of skin types. Improves skin elasticity and tone focusing on toning and elasticity through copper, gold and Swiss elastin peptide complex. Focuses on deep lines and wrinkles through long term peptides, oil soluble vitamin C and vitamin A. Provides deeper level of hydration and nourishment shea and mango butter, borage & quinoa oils, and vegetable derived ceramide complex. Great for post-surgery, sun or peel, excellent for frequent flyers. Free of fillers and temporary lifting ingredients. How to use Apply small amount from face to décolleté. Use after cleaning/toning, alone or after serum and/or face oil. Follow with an SPF during the day, excellent as a nighttime cream.
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