As we all know, taking care of our skin is one of the most important things. & sometimes you kind of lose confidence when you're breaking out, you have scars on your face, & your skin just isn't looking right.
I'd like to share with you some routines that really helped me. 
O1. Splash cold water on your face. It just makes it easier to cleanse your skin & wakes you up.
O2. Apply your cleanser. If you have acne, you might want to go out there and look for cleansers that treat acne, using regular cleansers don't give you much results in my opinion. [ stay tuned & I'll list some great products and list the products i personally use ] If you don't have a problem with acne, just find a regular cleanser, or anything that works for you I guess.
O3. Make sure you cleanse every single spot on your face! Don't miss a spot. You don't want to leave bacteria, dead skin, etc. behind.
O4. Then use warmish water and take the cleanser off. My cleanser is like a white thickish kind so it leaves behind white stuff so I try my best to take it ALL off, using a cotton swab helps to reach small , sensitive places on your face. [ & make you don't rub so roughly because if you have acne, i promise you that if you have a pimple or something , it will pop. (x you do NOT want that. ]
O5. Sometimes, I let my face air dry, I do not like using a towel to dry my face after cleansing because I feel like the towel has bacteria there and its just going to travel to my face after I cleanse. But, this is up to you to choose what you' d like to do.
O6. You don't want to apply your moisturizer yet. I rather wait until my face dries completely and my skin feels fresh and clean. 
O7. Then apply your moisturizer, this is important. Moisturizers help keep your skin feeling nice, soft, and not dry. I also reccomend you guys to look for a moisturizer with sunscreen especially during the summer. My moisturizer has an SPF of 15, & that should do on a regular day unless you're going swimming or getting exposed to a lot of sun. & The main reason I like to have sunscreen in my moisturizer it's because . . . GYM. Sometimes we do activities outside, and my skin gets irritated by the sun. 
O8. When applying your moisturizer, you have got to make sure you moisturized evenly. There should be no white spots left. Uhm usually, I also wait a little bit for my moisturizer to kick in also. I love how my skin feels after cleansing & moisturizing. I feel awake, clean, & ready for the day!
The products I use are;
Murad ; This treats acne & I love the cleanser, I bought it in like a pack from Sephora that came with cleanser, toner, etc. It worked for me great on the first days, but soon my skin got used to it and it stopped working. Though, it MAY work for you.
Clean & Clear Acne Advantage; This is an amazing product, the cleanser is AMAZING. The moisturizer has sunscreen in it so thats a plus. & It comes with great treating acne stuff. You can get it at walmart for around 25 bucks. I've used this product for a year or so, and wow, my skin is finally clear.
Neutrogena Oil - free acne wash; 
BEST CLEANSER EVER. You can just feel the difference after cleansing, it has a fresh scent to it. & It has aloe whichh is good for your skin. You can also get this at walmarrt.
If you don't have acne, any product would work for you honestly, it would be easy to just go to walmart & picking up a cleanser. Lucky you. (:
Some stores that I shop to get supplies for my skin & such; 
- Sephora [ Moisturizers, Cleansers, Acne treatments, etc. ]
- Bath & Body Works [ Moisturizers, Lotion, etc. ]
- Walmart [ You can find everything there ]
* Tip; Tie your hair up when you sleeep, it helps because at night you hair usally gets on your skin and makes it oily and stuff.
Ihopeyouguysenjoyed this. ♥


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Wrote 4 years ago
for step one, you should wash your face with warm water to open your pores and get the cleanser to go deep in. Cold water doesn't have that effect; you should wash you face with cold water when you rinse the cleanser off. :)

Wrote 5 years ago
great tip!

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