A home decor collage from July 2013
  • Splendeur Et Obscurité / Splendor And Darkness
  • La Petite Fille Sage / The Good Little Girl
  • Matin Bleu D'Automne / Autumn Blue Morning
  • The Orange Moon Of The Halloween Night

  • Inspired by Midnight Garden: Abercrombie & Fitch Contest Entry
  • Fall Wardrobe Upgrade with Macy’s: Contest Entry
  • don't care
  • be true

  • Only Black Can Touch
  • Queen You Shall Be
  • Music to my Ears
  • Fall Into Nature

  • Wedding Colors. Glamorous Purple
  • Wedding Colors. Pink and Green Forevermore.
  • Wedding Theme. Pink and Green Polka Dot
  • Halloween Bride and Groom

  • Blue waves room
  • Hello Fall
  • Tranquility and Balance
  • The color of Harmony

  • Hello fall... For all my followers-thx so much!!
  • Shake It Off
  • Butterflies bringing you back to school
  • FRAMED!!

  • Boo!
  • Trick or Treat
  • Halloween Jewelry
  • Midnight Garden by Abercrombie & Fitch

  • Untitled #221
  • To couples everywhere.
  • Think red
  • Check it out!!!

  • Yara Greyjoy
  • Joyeux Anniversaire
  • Fluffy Ribbon
  • Milky-Chan Of The Fawn

  • Living room 64 ♥
  • Dining room 9 ♥
  • Living room 63 ♥
  • Living room 62 ♥

  • Balmain Beauty
  • City Style
  • Cozy Comfy!
  • Vicarious!

  • First Impressions
  • Baby
  • Batman Fanatic #2
  • Untitled #594

  • Leaving wonderland/On my way to finding a different path and/or home.Trying to be accepting and at peace with the changes happening before me. Seeking balance, learning to listen to life and not just expect it to just be there for me w/out loving myself.
  • Who is the 'real' queen?We both are in our own rights with our own kingdoms and stories-each of us having our own thrown and crown & how we see ourselves is what matters the most,that's what makes us fall down rather than others view of us.
  • Nothing is that invisible, everything can be seen-- even if you think you are the best at hiding, something always gives you away, usually its the the ones known as the 'quiet ones' you have to watch out for because they are best at holding things in.
  • Guess who lost and had to pay the price? Or is anything really as it seems? Things aren't always visible to the 'eye'-- but the "eye" can see far and wide.

  • expectativas
  • summer time
  • --- little touch of Vintage----
  • Details

  • Wild Thing
  • Falling for Pink
  • Fall Out Girl
  • High Steppin'

  • Swirling Thoughts
  • We're all just prisoners here, of our own device...
  • The Boat is Empty
  • Guest Room Vignette

  • with love & hugs...
  • Abstract.
  • my first mini...
  • school daze.

  • Autum's here
  • Willis
  • Embedded in it
  • face stockholm

  • To Sheng-Ting sis#590
  • Inspired by Midnight Garden: Abercrombie & Fitch Contest Entry-589
  • I wear pink for -588
  • Dress-587
  • mykt
  • Joined one year ago

  • Going Butterfly
  • Shine Anew
  • Sweet and Honey
  • Secret Euphoria