Nice girl lives next door..oh, really, do I know her?
Maybe you do, maybe you do not.
Windows in that house next door, always seem to have flames, how can that be, no fire, not hot ?
Are you sure? I don't know.....but, I could ask that girl next door.
SHHHHHHH, don't tell, stay you hear what I hear ?
A scream cut short, not a gasp, but a scream, oh yeah....and it came from next door. Someone came knocking at her door, went to see that girl next door.
Knock knock, oh yeah, she answered that door
She's the Skull Maker, yeah, that girl next door.
She started with crafts, but then got the blood lust..yeah, that nice girl next door.
Do you know that girl next door ?
Maybe you do, maybe not.
Teeheheeeeeee, goodnight my Polyvore friends, don't go knocking at any doors, especially the one next door :-)
Set and words by Linda Caricofe
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