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Tues. May. 12, 2009 
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Dance: Ballroom Sign Ups
Hershey Kisses to: Emmett Maverick and Josh Davis

Emmett and I walked into school holding hands and in an instant we were joined by Sari, Natalie, Ashley, Mitch and Derrick. Jacob was notably missing, but Sari's smile told me she had something important to tell me. We looped elbows and Sari leaned over to whisper in my ear as we approached biology.
"Guess who called me last night?"
"Who?" I turned to her.
"Guess!" Sari persisted.
"Seth Harvey," I rolled my eyes.
"Nope!" Sari said with a slight skip, "just a certain jounalist you may have introduced me too...."
"OH MY GOD! Harrison Micheals called you?" I stopped walking in shock.
"Yes!" She flipped down the hallway.
"What did he say? Tell me everything!" I said, flashing a smile at Mrs. Caldwell and taking a seat on Sari's lab table.
"Well, I gave him my number at Jacki's party, because he was totally flirting with me, and he called to say he had tickets to this play on Friday and asked if I wanted to come along," she was beaming.
"And of course you said yes!"
"Of course I said yes!" We giggled and happy-hugged until I felt Emmett pull me backwards onto his lap. We were all laughing as I slid over into my seat.
We were all giddy with excitement as the day went on and that school-year-is-almost-over chatter plauged the school, but right now, my focus was on this weekend. Sari and I planned a shopping trip for tomorrow so we could pick up everything I needed for Emmett's cottage and help Sari pick out a killer outfit for Friday.
Afte school, I skipped on my high-heeled wedges and I just and I went to the studio to sign up for summer ballroom dance classes. When we entered the studio, Josh and I caught the first look at the instuctors. They men were all young, tall, strong and handsome. The ladies were petite, fierce and simply beautiful. I couldn't help but feel the slightest bit intimidated, but I knew this was my time to make a good first impression.
The instructors all turned as Josh and I headed toward them and they smiled brightly.
"I was hoping to see you two here," said one instructor, beaming down at us, "Daniel DuPrey," he said, shaking our hands.
"Skye Hamilton," I said, shaking with a smile.
"Josh Davis," Josh said with his firm handshake.
"You two put on an impressive performance Friday night," said one of the ladies smootly.
"Are you two dating?" another lady interjected.
Josh and I exchanged exasperated looks, "Why does everyone keep asking us that?" The instructors all laughed.
"Well you sure dance like it!" said someone else.
"Josh's my bestie." I saidd as Josh wrapped his arms around my waist playfully.
"You two seem perfect for ballroom," Daniel DuPrey said.
"It sure sounds like a challange," I smiled again.
"Yeah...." said Johnson Williams, another instructor, "You guys don't seem like you'll have anything to worry about with it."
Josh looked questioning, "I hope so!" he exclaimed to more laughter.
"Trust him on that one," said the youngest of the bunch, Steven Chancellor, offering his hand to me. I looked up into his wide, brown eyes and took it slightly cautiously. He spun me into his arms then dipped me so low that my high pony was pooling on the groud, "its really not that hard," he said, pulling me into hold and taking a few steps that I vaugly recognized as the tango as music began to play in the background. Steven swept me across the floor and I felt myself snap instantly into chracter. I could tell Steven was suprised as I looked him intensly in the eyes and it was a only a second until he mirrored my performance. When he did, the steps I was magically doing suddently became more complex, but it wasn't hard because all I had to do was follow his amazing lead. At the back of my mind, some strange sense of deja vu tugged, but I repressed it as I continued to move with the music. Steven's hands cupped my chin as the music cresendoed to its conclusion. I took one last look into his intense face as a smattering of applause reached us, "Top that," Steven said, spinning me over to Josh with a laugh.
"See?" said Daniel, "You guys'll be fine!"
Josh and I smiled, chatting animatedly with the instructors as we signed up for every single class offered. 
"That guy was all over you," Josh said as we slid into his car.
"It's just dancing," I said with a laugh.
"Yeah...." Josh sounded doubtful as he cranked up the radio.
"Why? Does it bother you?" I turned to his profile.
"Well, you've got a boyfriend," he said, putting the car in drive.
"Josh!" I slapped him playfully, "Since when do you care? You were the one I was rolling across the stage floor with in front of half the city last friday night," I reminded him.
He looked over at me and we collapsed into laughter at the reality of it. The beauty of performance....
As I was finishing my homework and texting Emmett, Steven's words seemed to ring in my head. "Top that," he had said to Josh. Was he... challanging him? I felt my stomach lurch slightly, Steven's tone was too direct to ignore, even though he ended with a laugh, it definetly had applied something. And maybe he wasn't just demonstrating/boosting our confidence, he might have just been showing off/trying to impress me. I hoped that didn't mean what I was thinking it ment. And that brought back the memory that had come back to me while dancing wtih him: Partner choice day back at dance camp. When Seth had whipped me around so easily. This past Friday night, when I could do things I couldn't have done on my own. Wow, it was startilingly simmilar...
Oh the guys I meet at dance!
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Wrote 7 years ago
really cute, but i think skye (in the book) is more dancey, less fancy. (didnt mean to rhyme, sry)

Wrote 7 years ago
awesome! I really love this top

Wrote 7 years ago
loooovve it!

Wrote 7 years ago
In RL, that dancing thing totally happened to me, back when I was taking ballroom lessons, one of the instrutors decided that I should do a waltz with him, and I had never waltzed in my life and somehow I did it! And he said my rise-and-fall was really good! haha



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