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Anya Amasova | 24 | The Spy Who Loved Me
Bio; Anya's past is mostly a blurred memory that she rarely discusses; not much is known nor remembered save for a few simple details like the fact that she was born to a poor, farming family in a small rural town just on the outskirts of Krasnoyarsk, Russia, that she has two younger sisters and an older brother, and that her family is currently deceased. The only facts that do matter pertaining to Anya's life is that she's a top agent for the KGB and has assumed the moniker 'Agent XXX,' her lover and fellow KGB member was recently murdered causing her to avenge his death, and she is deceptively cunning and charming and above all, knows how to use her looks to her utmost advantage...oh, yes, and she's a skilled assassin trained in several forms of hand-to-hand combat. Currently, Anya is on an extended stay in Stockholm for a mission by the KGB. Her goal is to infiltrate a major corporation housed in the city, and to do so at all costs. Anya has a quiet yet charming demeanor that exudes sex appeal. She prefers to wear very expensive, luxurious textiles and never turns down a drink from a gentleman. Fast cars, shiny guns, and black diamonds often capture her interest, as does any man in a suit.
Andreea Diaconu
Why you should get this role: She's a Bond Girl and Bond Girls are fun? Ahaha, actually I'm not sure. I love interesting, fresh characters who are badass yet sexy and lady-like at the same time. And did I mention she's a Bond Girl?


"Greetings," Anya said, smiling seductively as she sipped from the martini glass she was holding in her right hand. Her lipstick left a faint red print on the rim, marking where her puckered pout last touched.

The well-dressed man sitting across from her at the sleazy bar simply nodded; his face remained stoic as he pulled back the lapel of his black suit and stuck his hand into the inside satin pocket to retrieve a black enveloped letter.

The letter slid effortlessly and quietly across the table of the bar they were currently meeting at and Anya seamlessly reached her slender arm out to retrieve it in a blurred, fast motion.

However, the man's hand was quicker, darting out to stop her. His burly hand wrapped around her slender wrist, halting her movements. But of course, Anya was unfazed. A small smile cracked at the corner of her lip as she looked up under hooded eyelashes.

"And the payment?" the man whispered, still gripping her wrist.

Anya sighed heavily and reclined back in her chair. "If you must," she murmured. She glanced downward, then back to the man. "Look under your chair," Anya ordered.

The man's brow furrowed in confusion, which caused Anya to smirk even more. 

"I said, look under your chair," she repeated.

Bewildered, the man slowly released Anya's wrist as he bent down, peaking his head under the chair he was currently sitting in.

There, attached the the underbelly of the chair, was a small black gift box, no bigger than a matchbox and wrapped in the finest black satin ribbon. He plucked it from it's hiding spot and unwrapped the gorgeous bow, pulling the lid off to reveal a delicate red note with perfect penmanship in black ink that simply read: Thank You.

The man pulled his back up to once again sit properly in his chair. He looked across the table toward Anya, but the woman was no where in sight. A bevy of slurs and swears escaped his lips as the realization that he had been duped set in. He looked around nervously throughout the bar for any sign of the beautiful woman, but she was very much gone--as was the black envelope.

Outside, already a block and a half away, Anya swiftly walked; the black envelope was safely tucked under her arm. She made a sudden turn down an alley way, followed by another turn and then another until she came upon the waiting black Jaguar, it's engine silently running.

She quickly opened the passenger side door and slid into the car. The driver turned in her direction as she situated herself against the black leather seats, adjusting her blood red Herve Leger dress.

"How did it go?" the driver asked.

A small smile crept upon Anya's lips as she adjusted the grey coat she was wearing and then proceeded to fix her red lipstick in the visor mirror. 

"Like stealing candy from a baby," she said at last, puckering her lips and smacking them together. The driver, content with her answer, revved the car's engine and soon sped off, screeching as he turned into the busy streets of Stockholm.

Top 3;
Anya Amasova || The Spy Who Loved Me
Pepper Potts || Iron Man
Christine Daae` || The Phantom of the Opera
Selina Kyle || The Dark Knight Rises

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