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New York's skyline became the source of inspiration for this jewelry collection. Having wandered for a long time under the legendary skyscrapers, I couldn’t stop observing the shapes formed as the sunlight hit upon the buildings forming magnificent shadows. The contrast between the sunlight and the shadows is clearly reflected on my work. All pieces of jewelry are handcrafted in sterling silver and feature a black patina finish.
  • New York Skyscape
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    A modern cuff bracelet that showcases the beauty of the NYC skyline! Handcrafted in sterling silver, it features a black patina finish along with a combination of satin and stone finish. One cuff can never be the same with another since the making process is handcrafted. The blend of black, matte and shiny parts reflect the shadows the skyscrapers cast from the light of the sun. Tip: Embrace the urbanness of the bracelet, by wearing it along with a cut edge dress; ideally a black asymmetrical one. Give the finishing touch by adding the Skyline View pendant for a moonlight walk..
  • Skyline Silhouette
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    Minimalist imaging of the city that never sleeps! This sterling silver pendant was inspired by the New York skyline. It is handcrafted by Neri who has used a beautiful rich black patina for the dark parts and a satin finish for the matte parts. The process works its magic differently every time and the result is always a wonderful surprise! Tip: Sometimes a great necklace is all you need to make a statement! Picture it against a white silk shirt or a blouse and a jacket, for a smart appearance at the office or a romantic dinner. Complete the picture by wearing a subtle ring on your finger, like Manhattan Snapshots.
  • Cityscape
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    The outline of New York’s horizon line in a contemporary approach! This beautifully handcrafted open ended ring in sterling silver features a black patina finish with a combination of satin and stone finish. A ring that can complement almost every outfit and can be worn all day long. It is available in two sizes, small/medium, medium/large. Tip: Enliven your office look by pairing it with classic tailored pieces and Skyscraper’s Edge earrings or unleash your dark side by jeweling up a total black outfit.
  • Skyscraper Shadows
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    The skyscrapers cast their shadows. Scenery for inspiration! Small dangle earrings handcrafted in sterling silver with stripes in black, matte and shine silver that stand for the contrast between the light and the shadows. Two half-moons with satin finish, stone finish and black patina create a modern piece of jewelry that is easy to wear all day for a sophisticated and elegant appearance! Tip: Moonlight magic..This season’s chiffon hair, works beautifully with this pair of earrings and a delicately smoky eye. Go minimal on the rest of the accessories, by adding one key ring, like the Cityscape or Manhattan Snapshots.
  • Skyscraper’s Edge
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    A combination of geometric shapes forms the skyline of the Big Apple! These dangle earrings bring forth the most inspirational skyscape as seen from the ground of New York! Handcrafted in sterling silver, the earrings consist of two parts; a diamond shaped part with satin finish that holds the post back and a round skyline shaped part with satin finish and black patina. A small part chain holds the two parts together making the earring flow delicately as you move. Tip: Wear them on their own, or layer up with small studs if you have multiple piercings. Combine this dash of elegance, with Manhattan Snapshots and black lace or ruffles..
  • Manhattan Snapshots
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    A modern interpretation of the NYC skyline! Adjustable ring crafted in a sterling silver double square wire featuring the most famous skyline of the world! The satin finish is combined with the black patina which was done by hand, creating a unique result each time. An original handcrafted design that can go from the office to after-hours with style! Tip: Rings are always best worn en-masse..This is a key piece that you can wear easily with a casual outfit, and multiple rings on each hand. Cityscape works well when worn together on the same hand. Gift the perfect jewelry set by mix and match it with any piece of this collection..
  • Skyline View
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    One of the most spectacular skyscapes depicted on a beautiful pendant! Handcrafted in sterling silver, this small silver pendant necklace is inspired by the architecture of New York’s skyscrapers. It features an urban black patina finish, and a satin finish for the matte parts. A modern pendant for everyday wear, ideal for layering as well. Tip: Drawing inspiration from the city skyline, this pendant is ideal for layering. For a daily look, wear a pair of black or grey jeans, a loose blouse and Cityscape, for a relaxed, pulled-back style.

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