So someone told me that my sets suck yesterday.I dont have time to make good ones all the time, so dont be meanto me. 8P

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Peace on polyvore ☮

Peace on polyvore ☮

What has polyvore come to? All the haters, posers, and copiers. We just can't get rid of them. What about all of the people that care only about faves, comments, and contacts?
Polyvore is for fun. It's a website. The person who made polyvore made this not for haters, posers, copiers, and people who care only about faves. Spread the love by joining this group.
We can help stop this. Announcements will be posted about members who have great sets but don't have enough faves. Groups will be posted that don't have enough people. Sets will be posted that needs more faves. Stories will be posted that more people need to read. Posers, haters, inappropriate members, and copiers will be posted so we can flag them.
Haters: Just ignore them. They only hate because they are jealous. They want the faves, comments, contacts, and talent you have. Flag them and do not make a set about it or tell anyone. Don't pm talking trash about them or asking why they hate you. Flag and move on.
Posers: They only pose as you because they love your sets and they want to see what people say. So if you see someone posing as you don't make a set about it or tell anyone. Don't pm them talking trash about them. Flag and move on.
Inappropriate members: If you see a member with naked pictures of people or curses, don't curse bag or pm them saying how disgusting they are. Don't click on any set that has naked people. Just flag there profile. Dont make sets about these people or tell anyone. Flag and move on.
Copiers: Copiers are the worst thing to deal with on polyvore. If someone copies your set, don't comment on the set about how trashy they are. Don't pm them how trashy they are. Don't even inform them that you know they copied you. Just flag and move on.
Making a set about haters, posers, inappropriate members, and copiers: If you make a set about these people please tell everyone to flag and move on. Be very calm about the situation and if anyone happens to comment on the set, nicely pm them to flag and move on. And to delete the comment they posted. If anyone faved the set that was copied, you can nicely pm them to unfave and to flag and move on.
Haters, posers, inappropriate members, and copiers just want attention. They want to see how you guys freak out at them because they think it's funny.
Any other questions how to deal with haters, posers, inappropriate members, or copiers? pm me and I'd be happy to answer :)
Mane Line - Flag and move on.
In this group we will also have a member, group, set, and story of the month.
Below we will hold them.
Member - ßɾoąɖωąyßąþℯ♫
Set -
Story -
Group -
Pm me if you want to be the member of the month. Pm me if you have a set that you want to be the set of the month. Pm me if you have a story that you want to be the story of the month. Pm me if you have a group that you want to be group of the month.
Members - The member to most likely win will be the member that has not many faves and contacts but has good sets.
Sets - The set to most likely win will be the set that has the least faves and comments but a good set.
Groups - The group to most likely win will be the group that has a good theme and not many members.
Story - The story that will most likely win will be a story that not many people have read and if its a good story.
The most important thing you have to do in this group is have fun!!
Share the love ♥
Peace on polyvore ☮

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