Name; Rebekka James

Age; 16

Element; She doesn't know yet :]

Personality; Rebekka likes to be the center of attention. She's an amazing actress, which comes in handy with her incident. Bekka almost always has a smile on her face. She likes to make people laugh and laughs a lot too. She tends to zone out a lot, whether she's daydreaming or just thinking. She doesn't really like school or reading. She hates not knowing her element, let alone if she is an elemental. Her temper is short like fire. She's very alert like water, a good fighter like earth, and unpredictable like water. There are no major clues that would give it away. She doesn't like not knowing things.

Biography; Rebekka lived in Cairns, Australia [another person with an accent!!] and was raised by her older brother. He wasn't exactly tough on her, so she did whatever she wanted. She still does whatever she wants. She was framed for murder when she was 15, and she had to get away from her life. Rebekka just so happened to be the niece of the Headmaster, not that she'd tell anyone that. Bekka needed to hide while they looked to prove her innocence, so she was put into SLA.

Model; Unknown name...just a redhead

Anything Else; She has this huge tattoo on her back. [It's the winged one] She doesn't ever show it to anyone unless she completely trusts them. Rebekka isn't allowed to tell anyone what happened to her and why she's there.
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