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Iri's outfit

Iris found her eyes heavier and heavier, than she fell asleep.
- Iris what are you think ... - Hotc stoped in the middle of the sentence when he noticed that the girl sleeps.
He step next to her to wake her up, but Ross took his arm.
- Let her sleep Hotch. She is totally exhausted.
- She is an FBI agent. She can't fall asleep in a middle of a case!
- You know that she helps two offices too, moreover she is the coroner in charge at the crime scene investigation...
- Really? Know what? I don't care and I think we may have to look for somebody else for her place if she can't keep up with us!
- So you want her to reject the invitations when she may can help to solve a murder case? - Rossi sounded fury. - Let us leave killers live free just to make you satisfied? Let her sleep and topic closed!
- I'm the chief agent here!
- Then, be a good chief.
- Why are you shield her so much?
Ross didn't answer, only pick up a rug and covered Iris with it. Next he smoothed her hair gently from her face, then looked how she sleeps He doesen't has to say anything, his eyes tells everything.
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