I can relate to all the quotes that I put. This month is gonna be best friends month on my account so yeah all the things that you can relate to with your best friends and things you two do together. So tell me about your crush, I'll tell you about mine :). Well here goes.... I'm not saying his name cause just cause u don't want to, he has blonde hair (amazing hair) blue/green eyes he's taller than me and a year older. He stares at me and I stare at him we have never really talked that much we've talked like 2 times and whenever his friends tell him to talk to me he always say no and I do the same. One time I caught him staring and usually when he stares at me and I see he doesn't look away or he just changes his view but thus time he was like :0 and his fingers where in his hair and he like turned all the way around and started blushing. The first time I actually replied to him was like 3 weeks ago he was like "Hi Natalie :)" and I was like "0_0 how do you know my name?!" Worst response by the way but that wasn't even the bad part I started screaming "HE KNOWS MY NAME OMG OMG!!" And just jumped around and smiled and he just smiled at me so yeah. Everyone tells me he likes me and people say he doesn't so yeah I have no idea what's gonna happen but IDC hopefully someone reads this LOL
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Wrote three years ago
Oh wait nvm @zombiegirl101

Wrote three years ago
@zombiegirl101 what are you talking about?

Wrote three years ago
I read it and if all goes well u guys will at least be friends

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