Title: Slumber Party
Colors: white x light blue
Song: Les Precieuses Ridicules x The Tied
Lyrics: n/a


HEYYY. Okay so I tried a new layout for this set. Tell me what you think? Anyways I personally really like it. 


So I was supposed to go to school today to meet up with my group for a group project but I didnt go. I mean I already went to a group meeting after class yesterday and we are doing a powerpoint so why do we need to meetup again? It takes me an hour and a half to travel to my school and an hour and a half back. Literally I just finished my share while laying down on my laptop in about 30 mins. Not worth the travel time. 


Aside from that I feel like im falling deep into a hole and its going to take a lot of digging to get me out. I have to rewrite my first 3-4 page paper and resubmit for a better grade (I got a B) and I also have a 6-8 page paper to write this weekend! Not to mention I have to tidy up my notebook for notebook check and prepare for the final.... agh. Also my group for the group project is driving me crazy...


Im done ranting. Thanks for reading, comment "stay strong" if you got this far! Love you <3

//message me whats new with you!
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Wrote one year ago

Wrote one year ago
Congrats dear you won @ OIC!

Wrote one year ago

Wrote one year ago
@victorieuxxx @luluhmrr @matilda66 thanks guys :)





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