Day seven – Tonight is our last night in Vegas before we head back tomorrow so in honor of tonight, we’ll be going to go see a hypnotist. The show should be absolutely amazing and who knows maybe some of you will be picked to go up. After the show we’ll be heading over to a sweet penthouse owned by one of Cammie’s friends to go check out the video.

I hurried to the penthouse where the rest of the people were. We had all been to the hypnosis show, and some of us had even been hypnotized. I had been one of the people who had gotten on the stage. I didn't remember a thing! But that is not a new experience for me...If you catch my drift...

"Cassie, come on. We're playing the video now! What is taking you so long?" Jasmine said over the phone. "I'm coming, I'm coming. There was this guy who was really cute and we..." I heard Jasmine laugh in the other end. "Yeah, I get it. You don't have to tell me the rest. There's a reason why we call you Easy Eastman." I rolled my eyes. "Sure, Whatever." I said and hung up while she lughed.

I sat down besides Caine with Jasmine on the other side of him. She winked teasingly and I stuck out my tounge.
"So what did the hypnotist make us do?" I said.
"Dunno." Caine said looking a bit worried. "We both got up on the stage." Jasmine said and turned towards the screen. 
I could see myself swinging my a*ss a little more as I walked on the stage. I knew I was being filmed you see. 

Cammie turned to me. "Easy, we all had to reveal a secret. I am sure this is going to be awsome." She said and kissed Adam. I smiled and nodded.
"Wait. What? reveal secrets?" I turned to Caine, but he hushed me.

"Hey, It's your turn now, Jasmine." I said and she let out a little moan. Caine took her onto his lap and gave her a little hug.

"After the words - I am bisexual- had come out from Jasmine's mouth there was a silence. 

"It's always the quiet ones" Cammie gasped.

“That’s so hot,” Lewis muttered which made us laugh especially when Dee slapped him on the arm.

I noticed Caine got a serious face and I moved a bit away from Jasmine and him.

Some more secrets were revealed, and everyone had a laugh. I was to stressed out and did not look forward to my turn. 

Then there was a lot of drama. Cammie had revealed that she found nice guys boring. And to top that Adam had said that he sometimes was attracted to other women. As a result to this Cammie had stormed out and Adam had shouted after her.
"Guess who's in trouble now." I mumbled and I saw some of the people who sat close to me nodding.

The video continued and now it was my turn. 
"What's your name girl?"
"Easy Eastman, I mean Cassie."
Everyone started to laugh and I smiled to cover the fact that I was soooo ashamed.

"Heh, and what's your secret?" the hypnostist continued.

There was a pause and I said smug: 
"I want to do it with both of the Pinelli brothers. At the same time."

Some of the guys started to holler.
"Oh, fuc*k me." I mumbled and I could hear people talking. "Llike that could happen, they are both A-listers." 
"Maybe we should change your name to SLUTTY Eastman?" Jojo said and winked at me. I tried to pretend that nothing had happened, but it was really hard with both of the Pinelli brothers staring at me. 

When the video had ended I hurried into a cab and to a club to forget the whole evening, and not just the hypnosis show.


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three comments

Wrote 6 years ago
luv it

Wrote 6 years ago
haha, you would get the chance to see me looking like a tomato - Cass

Wrote 6 years ago
Wow that kind of makes me wish I had stuck around a little bit longer
ex's and oh's



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