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small group -- multiple plots

* one group w/ six plots members // -- @satansdaddy -- @mansongirl -- @gypsyoccult -- @shades-of-rainbow -- @morningstar1399 -- @flannels-wine-and-cigarettes -- @cryoatic -- @bff6096-rose plots // 1. " the 51 foundation " " an underground secret foundation started by the government to hide their secret experimentation in the 60s. they have started a secret operation to hide what they are secretly doing behind the scenes. they have crawled and searched the earth from top to bottom to find the earth's most terrifying hidden secrets. these secret creatures, and things that are other worldly have been taken into this underground foundation to be tested to. to understand the world's most terrifying things and creatures. similar to cabin in the woods, this foundation keeps all the world's most deadly creatures you only hear stories about. but what is going on deep within the facility sometimes shouldn't be kept from the public. some of the creatures want to escape, and will do anything to do so." 2. " the underground circle " " a group of witches living in the shadows of the gleaming city lights, it's the 20s in a beautiful city. they were all born to be who they are, living with these powers, and knowing more about life then the humans walking the earth. they are fighting the darkness of the city, and understand what is the truth to this city. inside the city lies some of the worlds most terrifying beasts. from the ones who will drain your blood, to the ones who change from the moon, or even the ones possessed by the devil itself. this town is full of them. and they are starting to overtake the city. this group of withes are the only things keeping supernatural out of the city, but they can only watch over so much. as supernatural begins to crawl its way more and more into the city, this group of witches discovers they will either have to join forces to fight the most evil supernatural, or go after them all together. but there is just too many new beasts finding their way in. " 3. "the ghosts from the news" " a town is riddled with a deep secret, it's guests are people who are dealing with special problems. they are seeing things, hearing things, experiencing things and having the sense of it already been done. they reported their symptoms to the doctor, and eventually they went missing in their own town. ending up halfway across the globe in another town, with no recollection of anything, but are being told by doctors they are in a clinical trial, and will have to remain a normal life in the town. with no idea of what is going on, they go with it. unable to leave by implant, they are forced to be monitored and watched live their daily lives in this odd town. everyone is experiencing similar issues, all real and the only signs of reincarnation. some call the doctors inhumane, some are calling them smart." 4. " the 'napped " " some would call it hell, others their playhouse... welcome to " 'NAP " an organization started by one psycho, who wanted to fulfill every other psycho's sick fantasies. girls and boys had been going missing for decades. police would end up searching for them for a week, and then give up all together. the case would go cold, and no body would be found. they never died, they were just taken. some in the middle of the night, while walking down the road, where ever they felt safe and secure, they ripped them out of their lives to fulfill someone else's fantasy. it's an underground organization that dwells on their customers one choice... the person they want. they will take anyone for you, but you come to them. it's almost like an underground trafficking place for kidnapped people. once you enter the organization, you're in it forever." 5. " light walker spaceship " " the year is 3019, the light walker had been missing for twenty years, the government had told the world it had eventually just blew up. but they kept the true horrifying secret hidden, it was lost in space. they had only one call, then everything went dead. it had been floating for years, nothing happening to it till the government decided to issue for a new special team. they refused to risk the lives of trained astronauts, and risking showing the world what was truly going on. they chose to use criminals, making sure they had the right background for the job, but picking people they could risk losing. someone that nobody would notice disappearing. now, they are sending a group of criminals to space to uncover what truly happened on this abandoned ship, but the answer behind it may be more terrifying then they realize." 6. " married at first sight " " you suck at love, you obviously have been failing at it for too long, because now you're over it. you need someone more professional to just do it for you. you will be getting married to a stranger, someone you've never met before until you are at the alter. based on your questionnaire answers professionals have paired you up to marry, hopefully, the stranger of your dreams. " special links //
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