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I've watched Smallville since season one, but after season six, I sort of...stopped watching because I felt like they kept dragging it on and on. But I started watching the last season when it started up and it' feels odd that it's over now - because I started watching it when I was in elementary school and now I'm sort of a college kid now. 

So many things are coming to an end in the next year, it's a little scary:
- Harry Potter
- Smallville
- and etc [I'll add more later]

BUT, never fear. Next year, Man of Steel featuring my future husband Henry Cavill as Superman [you have NO idea how excited I am for that movie to be coming out. NO. FUCKING. IDEA.] and I have faith he'll do an amazing job as Superman/Clark Kent, he'll also be QUITE supermegafoxyawesomehot in glasses and black hair. I'm also quite happy that they chose a good actor for Lois Lane - Amy Adams - because I was fearing they were going to get some joke of a girl to play her -_- I was more hoping for Gemma Arterton, but I love Amy Adams just as much so I'm quite happy. 

So long Tom, we hope to see you in other movies soon ^_^.

P.S. Although I'm worried about it, this fall the new Wonder Woman show is supposed to start up. Why am I worried? They're making Wonder Woman more violent than she ever was supposed to be; she's supposed to round up the bad guys and give them to the police, not kill them/mortally wound them. NBC you greatly worry me.

AH, wait, I was wrong. Looks like NBC isn't going to pick up the show because of how many complaints the show is getting:
Justice is served.
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